The first time I ever heard the term sparkly breadcrumb was during the Practical Magic Facebook summit I participated in during December 2020. That workshop was the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

Up until that workshop, I had been working on my mindset, trying to improve it in an effort to feel better since I had been in a place of anxiety and depression for too long before that. If you haven’t read my earlier blog posts, I go over this in detail but for this post, I’ll give you the quick version!

I was suffering from anxiety and depression in varying degrees since 2006, when I crashed my bike while training for an Ironman triathlon. In that crash, I broke some ribs, punctured my lung and sustained a wicked concussion. I was – and remain – completely amnesiac about the whole day.

After the crash, I struggled to function, I had poor memory, I lost all interest in everything I had previously cared about (except my daughter, thankfully!) and my husband told me often that I was no longer the person he’d married.

I took many neuropsychology tests and memory tests over time and through the program I was involved in, it was recommended I start meditating as a way to manage my feelings and mind. This experience really was the beginning of my spiritual journey, it turns out. I took on meditation daily, starting with Buddhist meditation practices called shunyata, or emptiness or concentration on the third eye to empty the mind.

Meditation was not the answer, however, and I continued to search for ways to improve my mindset and in late 2019, I rediscovered Dana Wilde and began using her approach of becoming aware of the negative thought, replacing it with a positive thought, feel better. Once I started to feel better, that’s when new, fresh ideas came through, people showed up and circumstances arrived to help me continue on my path to feel better.

And so, this brings us back to the Practical Magic summit in December 2020, when I had my mind blown open and my channeling gifts came online. It has been an amazing, exciting unfolding ever since as more and more dimensions reveal themselves to me. I now channel the elemental realm (fairies, unicorns, wizards, elves, merfolk, Atlantis and more), animals, including dolphins and whales, angels and “extra terrestrials” which arrived most recently.

When I was doing my visualization practice this morning, one of my main guides, a Pegasus, dropped in, and I know he represents courage, meaning something else is going to unfold that I must choose to accept or reject, and told me that I am the sparkly breadcrumb.

You may wonder what that means. It means that along our path in life, there are many sign posts – sparkly breadcrumbs – that you can choose to notice and work with or ignore or even miss altogether. These may show up as people, ideas and circumstances, they may involve an investment in a program or teacher who can help you along your way. So, by saying, you are the sparkly breadcrumb, Pegasus meant that I can be a sign post for someone who is looking for guidance and support on their spiritual path.

I can choose to step forward and be the sign post or I can choose to remain small and under the radar and hope I don’t stand out. What Pegasus meant, was that I can choose to step up, wave my arms in the air and say “Youhoo! Over here if you want to learn to channel unicorns and fairies and ET!!”

This is a significant step for me, since 2006, when I was in the ultimate place of lost and confused after my concussion. But it was all part of the journey, the crash, concussion and recovery were all sign posts. In fact, there were probably so many sign posts I ignored before that, so many I chose not to acknowledge, that the crash was literally my guides banging me over the head to get my attention.

And now I know there was actually so much more to that crash. In that crash, I became a soul-exchange walk-in, which means that my original soul left and a new soul stepped into it’s place. That new soul was a potent combination of pleidean and andromedan cosmology and it took from 2006 to December 2020 to integrate that energy so that I could work with it and not be totally fried by what was now available to me.

So, perhaps it’s time to decide, will you be the sparkly breadcrumb you are meant to be? Will you choose to step up and wave your arms and tell others you are there for them? Not everyone will notice, not everyone will decide to accept your offer but if they don’t see you , they won’t even know there is a choice.

If you’d like to work with me to become a channel of amazing multidimensional beings, I have some spots available in my mentorship program! I’d love to support you in becoming the sparkly breadcrumb you are meant to be!

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