Do you feel there’s something more you’re meant to do with your life, something bigger than you can even imagine? Do you use intuition to make decisions? Imagine receiving guidance on the best ideas for your career, your investments, your relationships and your health; how amazing would it feel to know you could absolutely not fail by following this guidance?

Letting intuition act as a compass is how to stay on the right path. Think about a time when you had a decision to make, a fairly significant decision is easiest to remember.

Do you recall having the clairs guiding your decisions? Did you feel pulled one way over another way? Did you notice if you made the wrong decision that you felt bad or anxious? Think back to a time in your life when you made a choice that turned out badly. Do you recall feeling the urge to go in a different direction?

The chances are that your intuition was trying to warn you! When you develop and enhance your ability to be mindful of your inner knowing, you’ll find that you will effortlessly make decisions that are in harmony with YOU.

Sample questions to start using your intuition to make decisions

When developing your intuition for guidance in your life, you can begin with asking some general questions to help you learn more about how the information is coming through and in what circumstances. For example:

What am I thinking? Am I receiving new information, insights, or do I know something that I didn’t before?

What am I feeling? Do I have chills? Can I feel energy, vibration, tingling, pins and needles anywhere on my body? Do I feel warm? Do I have a “hunch” or “gut feeling” about the situation? Do I feel excited or happy about one thing more than another?

What am I seeing? Is there something in the corner of your eye that you don’t see when you look directly at it? Are pictures entering my mind? Am I noticing numbers or shapes repeating?

What am I smelling or tasting?

What am I remembering? Is there something coming into my memory that could contribute to the current situation?

Notice how all these experiences change your perception of the situation. What information is coming in that helps to inform your decision or helps you to make a choice? Write everything down that comes through. It may not make sense right away but it will make sense when you experience other things throughout your day, you will thing “oh! That came through and now it makes sense! now I can see what the guidance was.”

To use intuition to move forward into the life you love, start with a creative process. This will open your right brain activity and activate your intuition because then you are not living from left brain logic and reason. Take a blank piece of paper, draw a box and inside the box, write one or two words that represent something you love to do or have.

This could be a variety of thoughts from starting your own business, your pet to your favourite vacation destination. Outside the box, write as many ideas that you associate with that idea, or that could be associated with the idea no matter how fantastic or fanciful these may be.

Keep writing as many ideas that come to you quickly until you feel you need to pause to think about something to write. Then close your eyes and breathe deeply into the idea you have written in the box. Does anything more come through? Thank your intuition for helping you. Watch for more ideas and solutions to emerge through the day.

When you are using your intuition to create a life you love, it’s important to recognize over your life where intuition was guiding you and where you made a poor choice due to free will. you may realize you’ve been living the life you thought was the life you wanted only to find it’s lacking in the joyful relationships, the abundant wealth or the vibrant health you might want. When you realize that you’ve gone off course with your life, it’s never too late to get back on track! Your intuition is guiding you still, even as you try to ignore it! It’s there, nudging you back on course with feelings of joy, happiness, magic, fun and vitality. The more you encourage these feelings in your life, the stronger your intuition will grow and you will realize that following your intuition then leads to more joy, happiness and magic.

While gratitude helps you open yourself up to opportunities and manifest good things as you travel life’s path, trusting your intuition helps to reinforce you are making the right choices along the way.

I hope that you are beginning to see how positive thinking, appreciation and gratitude lead to a higher frequency and help you to trust to your intuitive gifts. Once you are regularly receiving intuitive guidance, it is helpful to begin to take notes in order to help you apply what your intuition provides in you daily lives and so you can begin to recognize which of the clairs guides you the most.  This is how we move forward to become the deliberate creators of the life we love!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can consciously create a life you love, I have a coaching practice and could walk you through the formula. Just book a call on my website and we can see if my program is for you!

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