Following from the two previous posts, this is a continuation of the discussion of chakras role in intuition. In this post, I’ll complete the overview with the throat, third eye and crown chakras and their role in intuition.

Throat 5th Chakra

The throat chakra is located between the Centre of throat and the base of the neck. It is blue in colour and is considered air energy.

The Purpose of the throat chakra is: Communication and connection with the outside world, truth, alignment; connection between/speaking about feelings from heart and thoughts from mind/crown. Clairaudience is experienced via the throat chakra, which is the chakra that controls communication.  When this chakra is balanced and open, it allows messages to be received.

Some Challenges you may experience with an imbalanced throat chakra: stiff neck, jaw issues, constricted throat issues; clearing throat; repeated illnesses of throat; blocked self-expression; feeling criticism from parents, parents overbearing and talked on your behalf; parents told you to be quiet (seen not heard); tension in neck; if we feel like we are not listened to, our throat chakra shuts down, our own brilliance is shut down; our creative expression is shut down; people who talk too much; feeling embarrassed by speaking up, being too loud; being given the silent treatment when parents were mad at you; tone deaf; poor rhythm

Some solutions to balancing the throat chakra can include: spontaneous expression singing, laughing, acting, speaking loudly

These are a few of the affirmations you can use for the throat chakra:

What I say matters

I deserve to be listened to

I am worthy of speaking up

What I have to say is important/valuable

I am important

I can speak my truth

I speak up for myself

It’s safe for me to speak up

I can communicate my feelings

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is located between the eyebrows and is linked with psychic gifts and intuition. It is indigo in colour.

The Purpose of the third eye chakra is: imagination, visualization, insights, memory, creativity, dreams; see patterns, symbols. Also the third eye is  where clairvoyance comes through.

Some Problems or Imbalance you might experience related to the third eye: insensitive; poor memory;  balance/vertigo; difficulty visualizing; brain tumours; hero delusions, believing someone will rescue us; living from our “role” eg wife, mother, career.

Solutions: recognize we have many roles and there are many possibilities for our lives

I can see clearly

I trust my dreams

I trust my intuition

I can manifest my vision

I create a life I desire

I trust that my highest good is unfolding

Crown Chakra

white or violet, top of head, open to akasha above

Purpose: understanding, universal intelligence/consciousness; transcendence; vision; evolution’

Challenge/problem: attachment; parents shut down our curiosity and intuition and questioning of everything, including “beliefs”, habits; we don’t trust our own intelligence and where it’s taking us; unable to let go of the stories/programs/habits/beliefs that no longer serve us; overdependence on intellect; self-denial; disassociation with the body; spiritual cynicism; rigid beliefs; apathy


I can see clearly

I can remember

I trust my intuition/intelligence/the universe

I easily interpret and understand the information I receive

It’s important to understand the role of the chakras in intuition and also in your mindset/program. If you notice where you have suffered, struggled or resisted in your mind, you will see how it relates to the unbalanced chakra.

Have you noticed any of the issues/challenges/concerns that I’ve outlined in this overview? If so, this is truly great insight and will give you a wonderful place to start on your mindset and intuition mastery journey! Please share your comments below!

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