Have you ever stopped and wondered where your thoughts, beliefs and habits come from? From the time we are babies and children, we adopt the thoughts, habits and beliefs of those around us. We are taught to seek approval by emulating those in our lives.

We seek attention and love from our parents, good grades or recognition from teachers, promotions from bosses and so on through our lives. But do we ever stop to think if the thoughts, beliefs and habits are actually ours and if they are actually working for our greatest expansion and awareness?

What if we decided, today, to try out some new thoughts, habits and beliefs that we actually came up with, based on what we would like our lives to look like? What if we decided to take a new path and set some new goals or ideals for ourselves that were not built on the foundation of the thoughts, habits and beliefs of our past experiences?

It would be exciting, exhilarating and scary all at once because our mind no longer has a reference point to extract from our previous experiences and so it will want to pull you back to safety, to the familiar and keep you in the same place as you’ve always been.

Here are a few ideas and ways to begin this experiment into creating your own life and following your own dreams.

All it takes is baby action steps toward your desired outcome and the belief that it is destined for you, that you have already achieved the goal and are moving onto the next goal. Action – take a step. Notice. Be grateful. Take a step. Repeat!

Mantra – throughout the day, often repeat what your grateful for, create a mantra or review your goal statement to keep you on track and moving toward the life you love

Visualization – start and end each day visualizing the life you love. Engage in full sensory visualization, see, hear, smell and feel what is going on in your dream life, when you achieve your goal. Develop a screenplay in your mind with you acting out every detail of what you would be doing when your goal is achieved.

Gratitude – high vibration/frequency of gratitude must be continually developed, nurtured and supported throughout each day. The frequency of gratitude is what will bring you to your goal. What can I do today? How can I grow today? What exciting things can I do today

The way out of the current life you’re living is by thinking and acting like you are already living the life you love. First, hold the image of what you want in your mind, visualize it, feel the emotions of having achieved it, feel the emotions of living the life you absolutely love now. Take action from where you are today and act with surety that what you want is already achieved.

At first, it may not seem like the actions are taking you forward quickly enough. Remain positive and continue to take small actions.

You will begin to outgrow your current life! You will notice that the things you want are coming toward you! You will find the people you need to help you. Surround yourself with the people and things that will bring you toward your goal. Reject everything that does not bring you toward your goal.

Life goals and dreams may take many steps or a lifetime to achieve, so think about each step as an achievement. If weight loss or improving health and vitality is among your goals, consider how you can live a new magical life and what would work for the rest of your life. You want your goals to be sustainable over your lifetime if they are a continuous improvement.

What would the person who is already successful be doing? Act like that, think like that, talk like that. How would the successful person be doing when they achieved their goal?

Develop your strengths – using your intuition to continue action towards your goal

Get support – Seeing where you fall off track – by remaining committed to your goals, you continue making forward progress, positive progress vs getting discouraged and abandoning ship at the first hiccup.

Exercise: meditate on guidance from your intuition

Journal start a journal and write whatever comes up from the meditation, what insights are revealed as you go about your day, what people or connections come through unexpectedly

Are you committed to creating new ideas, thoughts and beliefs that are your own?

Continuous, sustained action toward your goal will require patience, determination and persistence.  You must understand that to achieve your goals, following your intuition is the only approach that is sustainable.

You can not act out of alignment with your intuition and achieve your goal. You must continually ask if the action you are taking is in alignment with your goal. Is this what a successful person would do? Is this the action a successful person would take? Is this the action I would take if I was already living the life I loved? Would that action allow me to make continual improvements in my life over time? Would this action allow me to scale? How is my intuition guiding me to greater and greater levels of happiness, success and wealth?

I recently created three classes to help you move forward with the life you want, it includes my Five Steps to Freedom formula to help you prepare your mind for a new way of thinking and acting; meet your spirit guide so you can access, everyday, the intuitive guidance you need for confidence on your path, and; learn your mediumship abilities so you can strengthen your understanding of how you receive your intuitive guidance and continue to move forward confidently.

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