This post is a continuation from the previous post where I began to outline the role of the chakras and intuition. Now, I will continue with the sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras overview and their role in intuition.

Sacral Chakra

The location of the sacral chakra is a few inches below navel, some estimate two inches and other estimate six inches. It is bright orange in colour and its purpose is the centre for pleasure, power, change, desire, creativity, sexuality and sensuality.

The sacral chakra may be imbalanced if your parents didn’t encourage or exemplify pleasure or support or encourage pleasure and enjoyment; if your parents were cold and didn’t show their love or you were rejected as a child when you wanted something enjoyable. The chakra may also be imbalanced if you were told to be responsible or felt responsible rather than having fun, or you were told that good children work hard and were given no time to play and have fun. Your parents may have said to “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about” or you may have had religion influences that promoted austerity, celibacy, purity over having an enjoyable life.

Some of the challenges we can experience with an imbalanced sacral chakra can include feeling or acting wooden to suppress enjoyment; have tight hips, lower back; eating disorders; hoarding; addiction; and anger, frustration from having needs stifled as child.

Your Mental program may include feeling like:

I can’t show/trust/face what I’m feeling

I don’t understand what I’m feeling

My feelings don’t matter/no-one care about my feelings

Feel unlovable no matter how hard you work/try

I’m not worth taking care of

If you feel like some of the imbalances are evident in your life, here are some mantras you can use to help reprogram the habits, beliefs and ideas about our selves and the sacral chakra:

I am worthy and deserving of love, happiness and success.

I am free to express myself.

I have so much energy

I find many exciting things about my life.

I am enough.

I am a creative and passionate being.

I am creating a life I really enjoy.

I allow myself to rest when I’m tired.

I love my body exactly as it is.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra is located in the Diaphragm and stomach area. It is yellow and represents the energy system in the body – like your own personal sun. The solar plexus is where we feel clairsentience (something doesn’t “feel right” or our “gut instinct”) and is the first chakra where we feel our clair senses .

The Purpose of the solar plexus chakra is related to Will, choice, ability to choose/create the life you want; empathy/feel/interpret energy around you/read others’ energy

Some of the Chakra challenges you may experience with an imbalanced solar plexus chakra include: inability to feel or express joy and excitement; shame from being considered difficult, wanting attention, being too loud, or being different; shamed by school teachers for answering questions wrong (wait your turn, don’t ask for more than your share, shhhh); feeling driven to taking action to establish worth/make up for feelings of shame; alternatively, low will and desire, without the will we won’t be able to create the life we want; told you’re too sensitive; being suppressed; money frustrations; laying low and remaining a sheeple throughout your life due to low will, effort, energy; addiction to food, chocolate, coffee to keep stimulated; having to have the last word, being stubborn, controlling, dominating; needing to demonstrate prestige to feel powerful; feeling you have no power over your situation.

Because the solar plexus chakra includes the area of the stomach, physical challenges can include: stomach problems, IBS, or GERD; anxiety; feeling fatigued or drained energetically by others; diabetes

Some solutions to imbalances can include: vigorous exercise (running); strengthen core; power, success and feeling deserving of success;

Affirmations to support the solar plexus chakra:

I am worthy

I am confident

I am taking my rightful space in the world

I take my power back

I let go and let God

I trust in myself and life

I know how to love and nourish myself

I have a deep sense of purpose on this planet

My contribution is needed and wanted

I am allowed to rework my relationships

I am strong, courageous, and capable

I am worthy and capable of creating anything I want in my life (desire and passion)

I am worthy

I have important things to do on this planet

I am free to choose how to live my life

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is located in the Centre of chest and the centre of chakra system. It is green colour, some suggest it’s grass green and other suggest emerald green, and represents love and compassion for oneself and others. It is also considered the connection between the physical aspects of our body and the spiritual and intellectual aspects.

The heart chakra is the energy Centre for creating, receiving, allowing, accepting, yielding, giving/taking; balance; connected to higher good, purpose, compassion; self-love; gratitude. It is also where claircognizance comes through, where you just “go with your heart” because “your heart knows what it wants”.

Some of the Challenges you may experience with an imbalanced heart chakra: resentment If you felt parents didn’t love you or didn’t express their love for you; you may have problems expressing your feelings; you may not feel lovable; you may not being your authentic self due to feeling unlovable; overachieving to try to win love and respect. Physical challenges associated with the heart chakra may include heart failure and heart disease, lung and breast cancer, asthma and high blood pressure.

Some of the repetitive thoughts in your Mental program may include:

I’m not good enough

There must be something wrong with me

I’m not worthy of love

Some solutions to imbalances of the heart chakra can include: Being your own loving parent; gratitude, especially Feeling gratitude for the things that make you happy.

Some affirmations to use to help empower the heart chakra:

I am loveable

I am valued

I am worthy

I am enough (smart, thin, pretty…)

I deserve happiness

I will complete the overview of the chakras in the next post. Please join me there!

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