Have you felt yourself pulled to something greater? Have you wondered if the life you’re currently leading is all there is for you? The anxiety that you feel – that you are more powerful and meant for so much more and that you should be doing more, or something else entirely. It’s your soul driving you to continue contributing to your mission in this life!

Life is for expansion

You are learning, progressing and moving forward on your life purpose/mission and this is exactly what you’re meant to be doing. Use the drive as your guide – where does it want you to take action? You will continue to feel this drive for life!

In the pages ahead, I hope you will be inspired and aligned with your true purpose/calling/mission in this life and would therefore feel confident to ask for that promotion, date their perfect partner, start their own business, move to a new location, take that vacation they’ve been putting off, live their truth/joy/magic/life purpose.

We may feel that someone with more expertise or experience has to lead the way. We tend to doubt the voice within us that is truly guiding us to the right time, people and circumstances in every moment.

Your Intuition is always guiding you

You will be guided step by step through a transformation journey first learning about and then using their own intuitive guidance. You have been guided by your intuition your entire life but you may have ignored it in your quest for the life you believed you should be living, a life of logic and reason that was accepted by the mainstream, your family, workplace and community.

But burying your intuition thereby buries your dreams, and the joy and magic dreams bring you.

I hope by reading my blog over time you will better understand what is intuition and how to access it to help you guide decisions and boost confidence that we’re making the right decisions and that we’re on track with our life purpose and build magic, joy and fun into our lives.

I will help you see how your intuition is helping you every day and what your intuitive strengths are. I can show you how intuition can lead to a more fulfilling life filled with wealth, freedom, joy, magic, love and health. By using the guidance of your intuition, together we can develop goals and dreams, build plans to achieve their goals and ways to continue to make progress to achieve goal after goal and dream after dream.

Further, I hope my blog will guide you through a framework and exercises that help you develop your gifts and strengthen your connection with your intuition and allow you to refine these intuitive gifts over time and throughout the rest of your lives so you can rely on it to allow continual progress. In addition, I hope to give you the steps to continue your journey of self-discovery and awakening your intuitive gifts through a series of calls to action.

The world needs you!

You have gifts and abilities, and the world needs you! When you come to understand how your intuition is guiding you and you take that guidance and live your life from that guidance, you will come to understand there is nothing in this life you can not be do or have.

How could using your intuition help you in achieving the life you love? It can guide you to choose the right activities for your health; seeing the person you could love, or; seeing opportunities for creating wealth by meeting people you may not have otherwise noticed or met.

You may find your intuition guides you in amazing new directions, beyond your wildest dreams! You may intuit health information about yourself or others. You may sense emotional, spiritual or physical information you didn’t know about yourself, others in your life, the world around you, even buildings and geographical locations! 

Using your intuition can help you connect with others who are on the same journey, who can support you and with whom you can speak freely and ask questions about your experience.

Through this blog, I want to be a mentor for those of you who wish to open to your intuitive gifts in order to help you apply what intuition provides you in daily life. Many of you have experienced guidance from your intuition and are looking for more information to support, validate and navigate what is happening to you and through you.

When you raise your vibration on a regular basis, something magical happens. Your spiritual path lines up in front of you, your intuition becomes very strong and life starts to fall into place for your highest good.

Opening to intuitive guidance

That may sound vague or ambiguous, but you would not be reading this blog if you did not feel this shift occurring! The body is a receptor and the chakras are receptors of intuitive guidance. You experience much more than just your physical body and physical sensations, you experience emotions, thoughts and ideas which are helpful for you to live your life and move around the planet but you are not limited to the physical body, thoughts and emotions!

I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your spiritual journey! If you’d like to learn more about how to open to your intuition, please take a look at my creative visualization pdf, available on my website www.vickymcgrath.ca

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