In this post, I want to describe what will happen as you begin to create a life you love. After you have begun to take action on your goals and dreams, you will begin to feel doubt and fear. You will begin to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing or how to do what you want to do. This is normal and to be expected! This is when your current program, the one you have learned your whole life from your family, friends and society, starts to notice you are not acting like you usually act or feeling the way you normally feel.

Your unconscious mind will start to become very uncomfortable and will try to correct your course back to the way it normally behaves, thinks and acts. You must be prepared and make the commitment to never go back! As soon as doubt, fear and anxiety arise, know this is the old program and you are now rewriting the program of your life to live the way you choose to live. When you begin to live the life you choose to live, your program will challenge you every step of the way for the rest of your life so you may as well prepare yourself now! It will try to prevent you from moving forward. Family and friends may try to talk you out of what you’re doing, after all, they are all part of your existing program!

We must carry on, moving forward regardless of the fear and anxiety, taking baby steps if necessary. You will begin to see the patterns, habits and beliefs in your existing program and how they try to prevent you from making changes out of fear and you will learn how to overwrite them with the new, fun and magical life you are choosing to live. This happened recently for me. As an adult, I have experienced seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the winter. Winter in Ontario, Canada, is long, cold and snowy so if you’re not a skier, snowboarder or snowshoer, it can be challenging to remain motivated! I noticed the SAD program seemed to be coming on strong this winter and started to go down the path of feeling sad and anxious. After a few days of trying to push away the negative feelings with my positive mindset training, I had an a-ha moment that this was, in fact, my program trying to hold me back! My program was resisting very strongly to some new mindset work I was doing around my coaching business. Once I (finally) recognized what was happening, I immediately felt better and moved forward with inspired action.

Love and appreciate your programming and thank it for trying to protect you. Thank your program for all it has done for you in your life and let it know you are now moving forward and evolving out of this current program. Be loving, receptive and nurturing to your program, you can not overcome it and overwrite it with negative, fearful self-talk. It will be an ongoing process and will take many, repeated attempts and you will grow each time, however, your program will also evolve and learn new ways to create fear and doubt in order to keep you safe!

Do not wait for the program to evolve, just continue moving forward on your goals. As you continue to work on developing your intuitive gifts, you will also learn to work with the process of recognizing when your program is trying to stop you. You may never fully overcome the programming, you just have to learn to love your goals and dreams so much that the fun and expectation of achieving them is stronger than your programming!

This is also where visualization is critical. Visualize your dreams with vivid detail and emotion. Feeling the joy, magic and fulfillment of living the life you are creating for yourself is paramount to overcoming the program. Because the unconscious mind can’t tell if what you are visualizing is real, it assumes it is. So, when you feel the old program is holding you back, ask your intuition to guide you. Ask what it is trying to show you and what the next steps should be. Ask for a definite lead. And then, feel grateful and visualize your dreams so you can feel good while you wait for guidance.

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