Now that you have written out your list of dreams, goals and desires, let’s include visualization to really begin to bring the feelings of achieving your goals and dreams to life in your imagination. The reason we use visualization is because your mind does not know if something is real or imagined when it is done with emotion. It’s imperative that you visualize each detail, imagining what sounds, smells and feelings you would have along with the visual aspects. Where are you, what are you doing and who are you with?

After the visualization, notice what guidance you received during the visualization and what continues to unfold as you think about it. Take time to write out any details from the visualization. You may not know what information was provided and you may not feel like anything was received, just stay open to receiving the guidance over the next few days and make notes when something comes through. People, ideas, songs and circumstances will show up for you to help you understand the information. Have confidence that your intuition will guide you and you have everything you need to move forward with the guidance.

Continue to develop your frequency of gratitude for what an amazing life you already have and for the wonderful gifts that are on their way to you now. This is the foundation for a higher vibration and a higher vibration is key to manifesting, as you will soon begin to notice. To do this, use your journal to write out all the information your intuition provides for you over the next week after your visualization. It may take longer than a week, we can’t know the timeline for quantum manifestation but feel excited expectation that something wonderful is on its way to you now.

Get into the feeling of what it would be like once you’ve attained that outcome or desire. Just because you can’t see evidence of that thing in the present moment with your five physical senses doesn’t mean that its not already on its way to you. Make decisions based on what you DESIRE not on what your see before you. Keep moving forward on your goals. When we put in consistent effort the universe’s support becomes much more evident vis synchronicities and coincidences.

Watch your words! What we say, often unconsciously both aloud and to ourselves, shines a spotlight on our thoughts and by default, our underlying beliefs so remember to repeat your positive mantras! Expect the unexpected. Watch for the wonderful things that will begin to happen for you! In fact, start looking around now expecting good things and you’ll notice good things! Start feeling good now, feel excited, with child-like joy and happiness, and more joy and happiness will grow within you. Be grateful, excited and joyful every time you notice a step towards your goal. Say to yourself every day when you wake up “something WONDERFUL is going to happen to me today!” and then watch how many wonderful things do happen. Just waking up is wonderful!

I’d love to hear what you are visualizing about! Leave me a comment. If you would like to use my creative visualization practice to get you started, sign up for a free copy at

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