If you are new on your journey of spiritual awakening, you may have noticed that spiritual language can be confusing.

Actually, what I see as I also go along my spiritual journey, is that the language unfolds as my understanding and experience unfolds. It’s like when you are first starting your business journey and you need a website but you have no idea how to create a website, you need a landing page and you need a tripwire and a lead magnet. I had no clue about any of these things until I learned how to create them myself.

What I notice as I follow my awakening is that actually the words may be different but they mean the same thing. When I hear someone saying I need to “clear” a thought or limiting belief, this is actually the same as noticing a negative or resistant thoughts, beliefs, habits and behaviours and replacing them with a positive thought. This is the moment you can release these negative thoughts, refuse to engage with them and no longer tolerate thinking them or acting on them.

If you hear someone say they have been activated or they will activate you, this is when you notice that you are receiving messages from your intuition, your guides and the divine and can choose to use that information or insight to make a new choice or see things in a new way. An activation is when someone says or does something that unlocks a previously locked aspect of your mind and you can now “see” things in a new way.

So, you can see how to unlock something new, you must first choose a new way of thinking or a new approach and this allows new ideas and insights to flow into your mind which was previously “blocked” by the negative or resistant thought.

The thing is, I can activate you in five minutes to meet your spirit guides or channel multidimensional beings so you can help and heal others and you can use this process for yourself, forever. But if you don’t act on the guidance you receive from your guides, what is the point of being activated? If you don’t take action on the information or insights or downloads, you can not move forward into the life you want to create.

Receiving a spiritual download is when the divine or your guides spontaneously give you information, direction or support that you otherwise didn’t have and it comes in through your intuition or your clairs. Receiving downloads increases as you clear out negative thoughts and patterns and choose positive, new ways of thinking and behaving.

Even if you don’t know how and you are so scared of making the wrong choice or the wrong decision, or you have no clue how things will work out, you must take a tiny step in the direction of your spiritual guidance. Tiny step, one day a time, notice what happens, celebrate your courage, repeat, course correct if something goes awry. There are no failures, only learning opportunities!

When you start something new, you will inevitably experience resistance and a resurgence of your negative thoughts, beliefs and habits, you must expect this to happen. This is when you will either retreat into comfort or press ahead and create a new path towards developing new beliefs and habits.

And actually, this is ascension! If you wonder what ascension actually means, it means choosing to step onto your spiritual path and continue on the path even when it’s confusing, even when you don’t know how it will turn out. Enlightenment and awakening are the same as ascension. Tiny step by tiny step you open your mind and heart to a new way of living your life.

Of course, this is my experience and yours may be different, however, if what I have written can be helpful in reducing confusion, it will have served its purpose! Every one of us will have a unique experience, we all have individual experiences and gifts and talents. There is no one “right” way to have a spiritual awakening or follow a spiritual path. We can all only notice when something comes up to block us, choose another way that leads to the experience we want and take a step forward toward the new way.

If you would like to work with me and be activated into your spiritual gifts of mediumship, I have a few spots available in my mentorship program. I would be glad to help you awaken your unique spiritual gifts and step forward on your spiritual path.

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