In 2017, I attended a conference for my healthcare business and the keynote speaker was Jack Daly, talking about sales. He was really trying to simplify the processes around sales so it would be easier to accomplish more selling in business. While talking about simplifying his own business, Jack said something that would create a deep desire within me. He said that his life had been reduced to speak, travel, have fun because he had put in place the people, systems and processes that took care of all the other aspects of his business.

Speak, travel and have fun has become my mantra and has been the motivation and drive behind my spiritual growth and spiritual entrepreneurship, not because I learned so much about sales, systems and processes, although I did, but because of the promise those words bring. I have streamlined all my activities into those that will help me speak, travel and have fun.

Travel has been a core yearning for me throughout my life and especially travel in tropical locations on the ocean. I recall as a child watching Jacques Cousteau on TV and wishing I too could make a living from swimming in the ocean!

Despite the burning desire to make speak travel and have fun my core mandate, the travel aspect has so far evaded me. I love to travel and I have traveled to some amazing places but between running a service-based, location-dependent business and the pandemic, I have not gone to a new travel destination since 2017.

This was also a driving force behind becoming a location-independent spiritual entrepreneur, so I could speak, travel and have fun anywhere I chose. It was also the reason I wrote the first draft of my book, started speaking on podcasts and took classes and courses to learn to teach mediumship. My plans all include speaking, travelling and having fun.

I continuously look at ways I can achieve my objective. For example, in April I will be taking a course to learn Whale and Dolphin healing practices that I can use in retreats in tropical places. I could also use the knowledge to create whale and dolphin watching retreats. Further, I could also offer the healing practices to resorts and spas in tropical destinations who may wish to enhance theirs offers and attract new clients.

As you can see, even though one third of the mantra (travel) has not been accomplished yet, I continue to take steps to create a life of speaking, travelling and having fun. I pitch podcasts looking for guests, I attend events and I drop in to meet other women spiritual entrepreneurs in my community.

In addition to taking action, I also write and repeat mantras to keep me motivated, express gratitude for the gifts and experiences I have and visualize myself traveling to the places that I dream about. I know that I will get to where I want to be, even if it isn’t as quickly as I would like.

I’ve also decided to create a YouTube channel so I can speak online, interview other women spiritual entrepreneurs and learn how they are rocking their businesses. Eventually, it would also be fun to travel and interview women. It’s motivating for me to learn from others who have done things in their business that I haven’t done and it’s fun to build a community of like-minded, talented women. If you are a woman spiritual entrepreneur and would like to be a guest on my channel, let me know! I’d love to feature you and help you promote your business and grow your audience.

I plan to interview women who have similar gifts as me, mediumship, but also shamans, starseeds, walk-ins, lightworkers and activators. I think it will be an exciting process, meeting new women and learning from them while also offering value and knowledge for my audience and theirs, who may wonder how they can begin their own spiritual business.

Here’s the link to my channel I’d love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and I’d love to hear your feedback about my amazing guest speakers.

Thanks for being part of my journey to achieving my goals! I’d love to hear what you’re hoping to achieve and if I can help you through my mediumship classes!

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