If you’ve read any of my previous blogs or watched any of my podcast episodes where I am a guest, you will know I talk about raising your vibration as the key to feeling better and receiving insights, ideas and circumstances that lead you forward in your life.

So, what exactly do I mean when I talk about raising your vibration? Vibration and frequency are energetic states, just as everything in our lives is energy and having a high vibration or frequency is necessary to be open to your spiritual gifts, your guides and other dimensions.

Let me use myself as an example of vibration. I began a daily meditation practice, using Buddhist approach of Shamata, or concentration, around 2007. I had a bike crash in 2006 and suffered from depression subsequently because I was not able to accomplish a big goal following the crash. The daily meditation practice was meant to allow me to improve my mood and lift me from depression.

Though I persevered with the practice for over twenty years, and experienced amazing states, my mood did not improve and my energetic state was extremely low. As a result, I continued to experience depressed states despite the practice. In fact, there were many aspects of the practice that triggered me into anger! So, just because you think you are doing something “spiritual”, like meditating, doesn’t mean your raising your vibration!

Thankfully, I began to explore other ways to improve my mood, as I’ve talked about in many of my posts, and started the process of raising my vibration by creating a positive mindset. The positive mindset allowed my vibration to raise sufficiently to begin to see the good ideas, insights, people and circumstances available to me.

This is why I was able to see the Practical Magic Facebook summit that ultimately resulted in my spiritual awakening, because I had raised my vibration enough to become aware of it.

It was actually after the Practical Magic summit, at a follow up event they held, that I heard one of the teachers talking about “gratitude is a frequency of vibration” and that to receive more good in my life, I would want to begin feeling gratitude. Gratitude was definitely something I had practiced briefly in my twenties when I was first making an attempt to become more spiritual but I had not continued that practice.

Using gratitude as a frequency helped me to better understand the importance of vibration or frequency and I began working to raise my vibration. Fun, excitement and wonder are all good feeling states to raise your vibration.

Have you noticed how good you feel after you laugh like crazy at something or with someone? This is your vibration. And then you can also notice after it settles down once you’re not laughing any more?

It’s important to continually work to feel the fun, adventure and excitement, like a little kid about the experience something amazing. This state will allow you to recognize the higher vibration so you can work to improve it when you notice your mood or energetic state is low.

Here are some ways to remind yourself to improve your vibration: start out by saying “something wonderful is going to happen to me today!” to yourself regularly; think about the most fun vacation you had or an event or activity you experienced that thrilled you to the core and really spend time recreating that energy;  visualize yourself achieving your most audacious, exciting goal and feeling beyond ecstatic when it’s achieved; feel deeply grateful for the thing you most love and cherish and for having it in your life.

Once you begin to experience and understand the energetic state of a high vibration, you will notice when it is low. Of course, as we go through our daily lives “in neutral”, doing the tasks and activities we are used to doing, our vibration will lower but if you notice it is getting quite low, try one of the practices above to improve your vibration.

Once you can “control” your energetic state, you will be in a position to experience the wonder and unfolding of the spiritual world. When I first had my spiritual awakening, I realized all my clairs were open and I was “seeing” the spirit world for the first time. That was like the first experience of having a high vibration.

Then, as I began to learn how to use these gifts in ways to help others, and took mediumship classes, the teacher was continuously talking about needing to raise our vibration so we wouldn’t connect with spirits in the lower dimensions and be scared about our gifts.  In paranormal experiences, you may connect with the deceased (“ghosts”) who are in the lower vibration, for example.

This was another great example and reason why keeping my vibration high was important. Now, I try to use gratitude for my gifts and guides as a constant way to remain connected with the frequency of gratitude. I truly am amazed and grateful for the multidimensional beings that are in my life and I live in wonder each day that I get to experience their fun and magic.

Have you noticed your vibration playing a role in your experiences of your life? Leave me an example in the comments! I’d love to hear how you are raising your vibration.

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