In this post, I’m encouraging you to continue making progress on your positive mindset practice. As you develop the habit of replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you will notice your mood is better, your outlook is brighter and your repetitive patterns of thinking can be interrupted. The happier you feel, the higher your frequency and the more intuitive guidance you can expect. As long as you continue to develop a high vibration of joy, gratitude and childlike innocence, you will be amazed at how much fun and happiness you notice in your life.

Happiness will then lead to appreciation, which is gratitude. Appreciation must also be continuously developed and expressing gratitude regularly in your mind can further interrupt the negative thoughts habitually coming to mind. Start small and build, for example, expressing appreciation for your first cup of coffee in the morning, for having a shower, for your clothing. This is not an exercise in thinking that you are so lucky to have so much when others have so little! Not at all! It is an exercise in developing the feeling of appreciation so you can consciously recreate that feeling any time you wish. Again, it will be helpful to create a list of things you appreciate in your life but be sure to go general and have a broad perspective, it is not a list-creating exercise!

I am filled with appreciation for my family and friends

I am filled with appreciation for my beautiful home

I am filled with appreciation for all the abundance in my life

Appreciation further helps to develop the frequency of gratitude. Gratitude is your objective, however, this must be built from a strong foundation of happiness. Gratitude without happiness can easily become cynicism or sarcasm and these a very low vibrations.  Therefore, it is critical that you have at your side a list of the things you are grateful for and feel appreciation for so you can refer to them when you are feeling tired, low energy or unmotivated.

Now that you have begun to develop your frequency of gratitude, you will start to feel the benefits of a higher vibration and positive thoughts.  You may start to notice you feel more happiness and joy than you’ve noticed before. The important thing is to continue to build your frequency of gratitude every day as this will increase your confidence in your intuitive gifts, allow you to be more open to receiving intuitive guidance and make the connection between that feeling of childlike joy and the intuitive guidance you are receiving.

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