I started listening to podcasts around 2010, on my 45 minute train commute to and from work. At that time, I was listening mostly to Buddhist teachings as that was where I was in my spiritual path. Since my “spiritual awakening” in 2020, I have expanded my podcast listening exponentially, including many podcasts related to mindset training, personal development and law of attraction. Here are a few of my favourite podcasts currently: The Mind Aware (I love Dana Wilde – join me in the Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs Club), Joyful Marketing, The WanderLover.

When I first started researching starting a spiritual business as a medium, I was excited by the prospect of being a guest speaker on podcasts as a marketing strategy. I signed up for the free podcastguest email list and started pitching podcasts related to spiritual development, mindset and law of attraction to offer to be a guest and outline my three step process to opening to your intuition.

Initially, I thought I would speak only on podcasts hosted by women (no offence to anyone!) because I wanted to reach women and felt that a woman-hosted podcast host would more likely attract women in their audience. However, I decided to start by sending off a few pitches to male hosts because I wanted to be inclusive and I knew it would take some practice to really figure out what I wanted to say and how to say it in a way that brought value to the podcasts audience.

My first guest appearance on a podcast was Closer to Venus, hosted by John Burke. I was happy with how the interview went, the host was very gracious and low key and I felt comfortable speaking with him and to his audience. I didn’t do a very good job promoting the guest spot, though, because I had still not really “come out” as a medium to my family, friends or business associates (I still haven’t, to a large extent but it’s getting easier). As a result, I didn’t get maximize the exposure from being on the podcast.

The next podcast that I spoke on was New Mind Creator with host Maurice Flournoy who used Anchor app for his podcast. Again, the host was very nice and I felt like the interview went well. I was still not promoting myself as a medium, though, so again, I did not get any clients signing up to work with me as a result of being on the podcast.

From there, I was on Positive Talk with Kevin Macdonald and his co-host Tara. This was my first experience with a co-hosted interview and I liked the format because it allowed for more engagement and the audience could hear more about the hosts’ experience with the topic I was covering.  Kevin invited me to speak on the podcast again and there was a live audience who could ask questions, which was very cool.

I then spoke on Lindsey House’s podcast Direction not Perfection. Lindsey is a dietician so I worked to apply my three step formula to loving your body. It took a few months for the podcast to be published.

I have also spoken on the Strong Enough podcast with host Claudia King. I adjusted my message to be more about positive mindset and was able to promote my dream-come-true slot in the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii.

Although speaking on podcasts is meant to expose you to other people’s audiences and thereby potentially give you more clients, I feel that not having fully embodied my spiritual gifts didn’t allow me to maximize my own exposure and to my ability to promote my experiences. I am still working on how to fully be myself and stand in my spiritual power. I am looking forward to figuring this out.

If you’ve been a guest on podcasts to promote your business, let me know in the comments! If you want to learn more about this approach to building your business, connect with me!

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