By now you’ve heard me talk about channeling a lot and I thought I would give my experience with channeling to help you see what I’m talking about from my perspective.

With reiki, it is understood that we are all channels of universal energy and that it can be activated by a teacher so you can become a reiki practitioner. As a reiki practitioner, I channel universal energy through my body and it exits in a deliberate way through my hands.

This practice was given to me through a transmission, or attunement, from a reiki teacher. I took a workshop over a weekend and was given the transmission as part of the culmination of the training. After the workshop, I practiced on people as part of the experiential or practical training.

When I participated in the Practical Magic summit on Facebook in 2020, through the activations and visualizations that were offered by the teachers, I discovered that I easily imagine/visualize, which would probably be considered clairvoyance.

Since then, I have practiced hundreds of visualizations and expand my scope of clairvoyance every day. I now understand through research and hearing from teachers that the visualizations are considered channeling. I now channel what I call multidimensional beings every day. Again, I believe this ability to channel was activated somehow through the Practical Magic summit teachers.

I do believe all humans are channels and everyone has their own unique modality or expression of channeling.

As I realized my ability to channel, I decided to learn more about the different ways people use channeling. That is when I discovered I have mediumship, the ability to channel deceased loved ones and when I was able to piece together the fact that I was channeling multidimensional beings when the first time I practiced mediumship on another person and contacted an angel when I was meant to be contacting a deceased loved one.

I now connect with angels every day and believe my main spirit guide is an angel who appears in various forms that appeal to me.

So, if you hear me talking about learn to channel classes and mentorship, what I mean is that I can teach you how to connect with multidimensional beings so that you can move forward with confidence and loving guidance in your life. I can teach you how to connect with deceased loved ones, meet spirit guides or work with life purpose if this is something that you would like to experience.

Through researching channeling, I have also entered the Akashic records and read the Akashic records for my dog, Archie. With the Akashic records, you need a “key” or “prayer” to access the information and I am not able to visualize in the records so I don’t find it the easiest means of channeling for me.

 I have also really enjoyed offering oracle and tarot card readings and learning about these tools for channeling. I love that the cards are the vessel for channeling the energy of the reading for the client and it is so fun to see how perfect every tarot or oracle reading is.

I hope this overview is helpful for you! There are likely many more ways to channel that I haven’t covered in this information. For example, if you are a follower of Seth, THEO or Abraham, you will know that there is channeling where the multidimensional being actually “moves in” to the channel’s body or mind. I haven’t experienced this (yet).

If you are interested in learning how to channel, I would love to have you join my class or mentorship. The information that is channeled is only for your highest good and I have never experienced anything scary or frightening in any way so I can assure you that if you feel afraid, you don’t need to. Your guides love you so much and they only want to uplift you and make your experiences in life more wonderful.

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