If you are like me, trying to build an online spiritual business, or any online business, you know the importance of connections. Connection with others delivers so much value, learning, collaborating and growing among them.

I talked about connecting with other people’s audiences through speaking on podcasts in a previous blog post and I continue to use this as an avenue to spread my message although I now find my message is evolving over time. I applied to be on Gloria Grace Rand’s podcast months ago and I’m glad that it is now available, and I also spoke on The Sandini – Sandra Pelley’s live, and I also recently appeared on the Otherworldly show.

Initially, I started talking about intuition as a way to convey how my own spiritual awakening unfolded. I have even written a draft book about using your intuition, however, now my message has gotten more strongly about channeling and mediumship. So, although the message is not incongruent, it isn’t actually how I talk about my purpose now.

Have you experienced this? You start out talking about something one way but as you evolve, you realize there is a better way to express it? I think this is true in many circumstances, after all, we are always seeking growth and expansion so it makes sense that our message would also grow and expand. And I am not really one to wait around to have a full, complete picture of how things are going to be, I prefer to just get started, even without knowing if it’s totally the right approach.

Do you have something you want to get started doing on your spiritual journey? Speaking on other people’s podcasts or lives is a great way to start talking about it. The good news is you have something very unique in your life to accomplish and you won’t have all the answers in the beginning. If you are waiting for a bolt of lightning to hit you and reveal to you what it is you’re supposed to do in life, it doesn’t usually happen that way.

You need to to simply begin pursuing your passion. Don’t let the question of whether it’s the ultimate long term solution stop you from actually starting.

When I began talking about my spiritual journey, I used the 3 steps or formula that I followed – feel good, take action, repeat – as my talking points. And these steps are still crucial, valid and helpful if you are starting out on your spiritual journey. They are a great foundation to build upon.

Now, I see that as I grow and expand, there are additional steps I can add to the initial 3 but I didn’t know that before when I started pitching podcasts for speaking opportunities. Similarly, my book draft is about the 3 steps and now I know there is much more I would want to add to the story.

The point is this, you can sit around and wait for the perfect opportunity to start on your journey or you can simply start out on your journey and, along the way, you will discover, grow and expand your understanding, knowledge and experience. My suggestion is: just start moving! Even if you need to reimagine your message or expand on it later, at least you have started the process of getting known for the first part of your message!

If you’d like to learn more about the podcasts I’ve spoken on, me, or channeling, and possibly using it to start your own spiritual business, I’d love for you to join my learn to channel class or mentorship!

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