In today’s post, I’m going to go over some manifestation tips to help you once you’ve started to pursue your dreams.

Once you take action on your dreams and gett emotionally involved with achieving the dream, you will notice your program will really start to kick up a fuss. Your program is used to things being the way they have always been and so when you start doing things a new or different way, the program is threatened – it’s no longer doing what it had always done.

Manifestation is often preceded by discomfort

It is crucial to know manifestation is preceded and often followed by discomfort and dissonance. When in the process of manifesting, you shift energetically first and then the physical you catches up. When you feel bad, this is because your vision for your life has expanded beyond where you currently are but your physical reality hasn’t caught up yet to the expansion.

Instead of giving up, feeling like it’s too hard or you don’t have enough support, celebrate the discomfort knowing something amazing is about to happen for you!

Similarly, when you have manifested one of your dreams and you realize there is more to it than just achieving it – such as you wanted to write a book and you created the first draft and then realized there is way more to do that will involve a lot of time and financial investment – you will feel very uncomfortable and uneasy and potentially think to yourself “oh this isn’t going to work”, “this isn’t what I thought it was going to be” or “I didn’t think about the financial investment that would be involved with achieving this dream”. This is the paradigm trying to drag you back to where you started because it is not happy when you have outgrown it!

Acting “As If”

This is why you must act, confidently, as if you’ve achieved your dreams and also why you can’t allow present circumstances to influence your progress.  Acting “as if” before you achieve your dream has two purposes, first it starts to chip away at the program so it “gets used to it” and also helps to prepare you for the ways the program may kick in.

When you feel bad and recognize that you are ahead energetically from your physical manifestation, the solution is just to get happy in your mind, in any way you can. Dream about the best vacation you’ve had, the garden you want to grow, your lean, strong healthy body or how you’ll feel when you attain your goals.

Write out the kind of person you want to be and the kind of life you want to live often. Visualize it, imagine how you would look, feel and act when you’ve achieved the life of your dreams. Select things about people you admire that you want to become, if they’re poised, well-dressed, charismatic or magnetic. Let go of the image you currently hold of yourself and impress your mind and thoughts with the person you want to become. Assume you are there already.

Maintain a positive mindset

Control and concentrate your thoughts and preoccupy your mind with what you want. See the way you want to be. Train yourself to feel that way. Use a mantra to maintain a positive or neutral mindset.

Mantra: I am filled with appreciation for all the blessings in my life

In time, you will achieve all you desire. We don’t know when the physical will catch up with the vision of your life, so you must continuously act like it is already done.

Once you understand what is causing this discomfort and that it is not justified, you can celebrate your progress! You are so close to achieving your dream! You can decide to change your thoughts, your program and decide you are never going back. Consciously, day by day, you can write a new program of success and magical manifestation.

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  1. Love this! Firm believer of the power of manifesting what you want and putting it out in the universe. Love what you said here, it really resonated with me, “ celebrate the discomfort knowing something amazing is about to happen for you!”. Thank you for sharing! Great read 🙂

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