I recently moved to a new town and to get to know some of the local spiritual community, I decided to drop by and introduce myself and make some new, magical connections for my mediumship business. This is a skill I learned through starting my healthcare business, so I am comfortable dropping in to meet new people. It also gets me outside, learning my way around town, enjoying the fresh air and gives me the opportunity to listen to my favourite podcasts or books while driving. A win all around!

In this post, I’ll outline the first few businesses I contacted and will continue to add more in new posts. I hope it’s helpful for you to get to know how much metaphysical or new age businesses add to the economy in case you wanted to open your own spiritual business.

The first thing I did was google “metaphysical stores near me” and I came across the Hedge Witch, a local store a few minutes from me. I dropped by and spoke with a lovely lady, letting her know I was a medium and that I offered readings and also was happy to work parties, showers and corporate events and left my card. The owner noted that someone had recently asked about mediums that worked parties so this was a good referral source.

It turns out the Hedge Witch is owned and operated by a mother-daughter team. The store is a rich resource of magic including books, tarot and oracle cards, incense and many other items to support one in their spiritual journey. I had a great animal communication reading from Angel Morgan at the Hedge Witch. I hope I might be able to offer my own readings or classes at the Hedge Witch in time.

I also came across an online crystal store in my own neighbourhood in Keswick ON, Sage’s Cove. I contacted the owner, Elysa, and met her on her front porch to learn more about her business.

Sage’s Cove is exclusively online and Elysa started it early in 2020, during the COVID pandemic. The store offers, among other things, a great selection of crystals and jewelry. Elysa hopes to add more to the store over time so stay tuned to the wonderful things yet to come! I asked Elysa to keep me in mind should she have any customers who may want a reading or reiki session and Elysa was also studying to become a reiki practitioner.

Another magical store in my own community is Solace Serenity & Healing in Sutton ON. The store is a large space and includes crystals, tarot and oracle cards, clothing and statuary. Stephanie, the owner, clearly knows the local community and was a great resource for additional connections to the magical community! Among her specialties, Stephanie offers tarot readings in the store and has a wonderful bookshelf full of “try before you buy” tarot and oracle cards which is really helpful to see what cards are meaningful to you and your style of reading.

Stephanie has also turned out to be a great referral partner and has sent her customers to me for mediumship readings. Being a good referral partner is paramount in the local community to encourage economic growth and development. I look forward to offering readings and classes at Solace Serenity & Healing in the near future.

I’ll create a few more posts covering additional magical connections and some of the ways creating connections is beneficial to building a business. There are good reasons to get out in your community and meet your neighbours, to help each other and the business community. I’d love to connect with you if you own a spiritual business and I’d be happy to feature you in my blog!

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