Have you ever experienced a moment in time when it became clear to you that your life was not what it seemed? I have had a variety of these experiences in recent years and I’m sure you have too, you may just not realize it. I didn’t realize it either, at the time.

These experiences could be categorized as examples of my clairs – clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc. or as my intuition guiding me or as ways my own spirit guides were communicating with me and urging me towards my life purpose. I have had many, many experiences of telepathy, precognition and deja vu.

My first experience I can actually say I knew was telepathy was around 2013, when I emailed my buddhist teacher in New Mexico from my workplace in Toronto. I was very surprised to receive an email back from her almost right away and then I experienced her rummaging around in my mind, just like she had opened a filing cabinet and was rifling through all the files inside at light speed, except the filing cabinet was my mind.

It felt very strange while she was flipping through my mind, and yet I “knew” it was her and had no fear. She connected me with the sangha/her community and for days later I felt/knew when the community gathered for meditations at the temple. Eventually the connection was buried beneath my day-to-day life which was only connected with the teacher when I meditated in the morning.

I also communicated telepathically with a dog while on vacation in Turks and Caicos with my family and friends. We were walking along the beach and my daughter was crying inconsolably so my husband was carrying her on his shoulders. I saw a potcake dog, as they are called in the Caribbean because they are strays that are a mix of every breed, standing on the edge of the water and said to it, in my mind, “I have water if you want to wait for me”.

I didn’t really expect anything to happen but the dog waited for me to arrive and I poured my bottled water into my hand and it drank from my hand, as though it was my own dog. My daughter stopped crying and came over to pat the dog. It was a strange moment but I knew the dog heard me “speak” to it.

On another occasion, I was meeting with a community group of First Nations and I received some guidance from an elder before sitting down to the meeting. After I sat down, I said, in my mind to the group, “Hello and I’m sorry”. The woman across from me began crying. I was surprised and said, in my mind “you heard me!” and although she didn’t acknowledge, I knew I had been heard.

Once, while doing a walking meditation while walking my dog, Chesney, in my peripheral vision the space around the tree beside me bubbled and literally became a large bubble and I had the same experience while driving and listening to a meditation on a podcast, the space on horizon bubbled. When I looked directly with my eyes though, the image disappeared.

These experiences were just a lead up to the experiences I have had since my spiritual awakening in December 2020, and I have now where I channel multidimensional beings daily. The thing about all these experiences is, that I knew they were meant to show me that my reality was false, an illusion, a hologram. And there is only love, joy, curiousity and expansion with every experience. But it hasn’t made dropping and shedding the old program easier!

Have you had any experiences like these, where you realized your life is not as it seems? Would you like to learn how to channel multidimensional beings and truly step into your purpose in this life? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

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