I chose my dreams in July 2022. I had just completed a half Ironman triathlon in preparation for the Ironman World Championship triathlon in October and, although I finished the race, it had not gone well. I easily completed the 2 km swim and was among the first women in my age group out on the bike course but it fell off the rails from there and I truly called on my guides and the divine to help me finish the race before the cut off. At the finish line, I was so dehydrated and exhausted I could barely stand and all I wanted to do was get in the car and go home.

Once home, I rested and tried to recover but my body had other things in mind. For the next ten days, I struggled with the deepest depression, full body sweats and chills and rigours, a complete a total spasm of every muscle in my body that was completely beyond my control.

I could barely get out of bed, I had no appetite and I was absolutely despondent. I really didn’t know why my recovery was so terrible, I had never experienced anything like it and I have done multiple long distance triathlons over time. While I was lying in bed, completely despondent and without an ounce of motivation, my guides hissed at me so loudly in a clairaudient download “you must leave!”

I knew instantly they meant my marriage although I still asked questions to confirm this was what they meant. I agreed and immediately the depression and despondency lifted and I felt motivation to improve.

It still took a few more days to recover, I was exhausted by 8pm and had to go to bed but I knew I was moving forward.

It took another two months before I could bring myself to ask my husband for a divorce. And another month after that before I actually moved into the guest room. We have been together since we started dating in 1988. We got married in 1999. I had our daughter in 2004. I knew, however, that this is what I needed to do to move forward with my life and spiritual journey.

I had had clear direction from my guides on enough other occasions to know what they meant. And the direction they gave me to leave actually started in 2019, prior to my spiritual awakening, when I had sunk into a deep depression and was struggling with intense anxiety and was having suicidal thoughts to the extent that I made a plan. At the time I was preparing to execute my plan, I got a very clear download which also came as clairaudience “you must live”

At that moment the drive to end my life concluded and I felt motivation again to find a way out of the depression and feel better. This was the start of my journey to my spontaneous spiritual awakening in December 2020. I’ve written about that experience in my blog here.

So when my guides were literally seething when they said “you must leave” the intensity was such that I knew that was the direction I must follow.

That direction was critical. I had been struggling with a false sense of entrapment since 2019 or before. I realized if I divorced my husband I would never have to ask permission for anything ever again for the rest of my life. I would be free, sovereign and completely responsible for my life. It was exactly what I wanted.

With that single decision, I chose my dreams and full responsibility for achieving the life I wanted for myself. I now move forward with full guidance and support from my spiritual guides and I hear their guidance, feel their love and know, without question, they are moving me on the path to my greatest good and the greatest good of all.

When you make the decision to choose your dreams, you give yourself permission. You tell yourself you will no longer tolerate the way of thinking that doesn’t lead you to your dreams. You give yourself permission to give up – instantly – habits, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, people, circumstances and patterns that hold you back.

Your mind will come up with every imaginable excuse, every possible reason why that choice is terrible. You will think about everything you are going to lose. You will think about all the reasons why you can’t make that decision.

I chose my dreams in July 2022. I invite you to choose yours. What are you willing to give up to create the life of your dreams? Burn all bridges behind you.

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