In todays post, I am going to tell you about how you can manifest the house of your dreams. We sold our house in 2016 so we would have equity to start our business. Since then, we learned that self-employed entrepreneurs are not favoured for mortgages at the banks!

I wanted to own my own house again and manifested the house of my dreams in about one year.

Start with Mindset

After I first started incorporating Dana Wilde’s “Train Your Brain” mantras into my life, in September 2020, I also started listening to Bob Proctor videos on Youtube and Facebook. If you don’t know who Bob Proctor is, you can easily find his material on Youtube.

His advice was to read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, which I did. Proctor bases much of his material on a few different self-help mentors and Hill is among them. In Hill’s book, he said to write out, in detail, your goals and believe in them with a white-hot desire. One of the first goals I wrote out was “I am so happy and grateful now that I own the house of my dreams”.


Proctor also teaches about visualization and acting “as if” you already had what it is you desire. This aids in the development of white-hot desire that Hill promoted. So, I began visualizing my dream house. I visualized:

Can you see how much detail I put into the visualization? On top of that, I infused each moment with emotion, especially feeling really happy and excited to be living in my own home.

Manifestation is contagious

As per the power of manifestation, Jeff also started to wish we could own our own home and we decided to try to see if we could be approved somehow for a mortgage. We were approved! After 5 years of renting, we could move forward with buying our own home.

It was fun looking at houses but we soon agreed that we would not find our dream home at this time. Soon after, I was listening to Abraham Hicks answering questions and the person speaking with Abraham was looking for their dream home and had not been able to find it. Abraham asked if they would be happy in another, beautiful home in the meantime. Of course, this was the answer I needed.

We bought a beautiful home, close to a large lake with a park at the end of the street to walk Archie. A perfect home, in the meantime.

Would you like to learn how to manifest the house of your dreams? Or the relationship, job or life of your dreams? Book a call with me today! You can learn how to manifest the life of your dreams.

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  1. Love the visualization of your dream home, I’m in the process of looking for mine too and the in between home also filled with happiness is a good reminder. It doesn’t always have to be perfect and starting off close to your dream is already such a big step forward. Thank you for sharing, it’s encouraging to think of positively impact our lives through manifestation.

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