Now that you have begun to understand and develop your intuition, let’s go over the process to manifest the life of your dreams.  This process is meant to encourage self discovery where you continuously learn what makes you feel good, what brings you joy and, ultimately, what helps you achieve all you desire.

What you will notice as you review and repeat the process throughout your life, is how new insights, wisdom and intuitive downloads will be revealed to you. Each time you go through this process, if it’s once per day or once a week, you will receive new information to help you move forward with confidence.

Let’s start with dreaming about what do you want? Not what do you want for your family, for your career, for other people in your life – what do you really, really want in this lifetime? This may sound simple, however, it is something we rarely ask ourselves or even dream about. Do you want to be outrageously rich, have vibrant health or have brilliant, supportive and loving relationships?

Step one/Dream Big

What is the most exciting, fabulous and amazing goal or dream that you would want to achieve, no matter what? What would be the first thing you would need to do to make that dream or goal a reality? How long will it take? What would be the next step to support the first step or to move forward once the first step is achieved?  Choose where you want to start and brainstorm some actions that come to mind. Do you feel your intuition guiding you? Do you have ideas, insights or feelings guiding you as you brainstorm? Does it feel fun, joyful and childlike to dream about creating the life you love? Write it all down and keep writing until you need to consciously think about what else you would like in your life.

You don’t have to move forward on every dream immediately, some dreams may need time, resources or experience that you don’t currently have access to. This is part of the process. It’s helpful to see if there are overarching themes to your dreams and if you can group the different actions together under one dream – for example, if you always wanted to write a book, and your dream is to become a published author, you would need to establish a topic, find a writing coach or program to guide you, edit and complete the book, find someone to publish the book and then market and promote the book. These are sequential steps that build one upon the other and most goals are like this.

Step two/Create a Plan

What resources will you need to take action on the steps before you? Do you need to invest in any personal development to ensure you have the skills you need to achieve your goals? For example, when I realized I was psychic and wanted to explore that further, I invested in several courses that helped me develop into a certified medium. This took research into the courses available, the teachers and the outcomes of the courses that matched what my goals were. I was also guided by my intuition, choosing the courses and classes that appealed to me and felt good based on how I like to learn. I prefer more experiential learning and while there are unlimited virtual learning classes, choosing experiential live online classes allowed me to develop my intuition quickly and get feedback and verification.

As another example, if you want to go scuba diving in the top ten diving locations on the planet, you need to know how to scuba dive! You need to research where to learn, take classes, practice, gain experience and finally, take action on where you want to start your top ten journey.

Start with the goal you most want to achieve and create a plan around the resources you’ll need to move forward quickly. If you feel like you have no idea where to start, ask for guidance from your intuition!

Step Three/Gratitude

Notice and feel grateful for every insight, happy feeling, person or circumstance that comes into your life. Be grateful for your loving, supportive friends and family, for your beautiful home, for your smart mind and spiritual gifts, for the desire to be successful, for all the luxury and abundance flowing into your life. Every tiny detail that comes to you along the way, be grateful, knowing that you are divinely guided and this is source leading you along your path.

Keep a journal or notebook with every aspect of guidance that you receive. It may seem like fantasy, like you are making it up, it may seem silly at the time to note a certain message, however, it is important that you understand the purpose of the exercise is not to make a list or prove to yourself that you are moving forward on your goal, it is simply to allow you to see all the amazing guidance and support you are receiving from your intuition. Remember, no one else needs to ever see what you write down!

Step Four/Inspired, intentional Action

Visualize your action plan laid out before you, are the steps clear? Can you see how to move from one step to the next? If not, what do you need to do to meet the milestones? For example, when I began to dream of completing the Ironman World Championships triathlon, each year I entered the lottery. When the lottery system stopped, I entered contests. I submitted my name for every possible method of entry every single year. And, when the possibility of entry came and I wouldn’t actually be able to participate in the current paradigm (due to the pandemic and borders being closed to travel), I asked for a deferral to the following race year.

Action may not make sense, it may not be linear or logical, but be sure to write out in your journal everything that is received from ideas you could take action on, based on the intuition you receive. Be sure to make these notes so specific that you can vividly visualize what your life would be like when you achieved your goal. You must feel how great, happy and joyful you would feel when you achieve your goal so you can intuitively and confidently make powerful decisions.

Step five/Review/Repeat

Progress! Take action that feels good. Even if you only take one action each day towards your goal, celebrate. Keep track of your progress and celebrate every time you take a step forward. Once you begin to see the people and circumstances that move into place for you and help to create your dream or goal, you will know the process works. You will see, with each practice, that you can manifest what intuition guides you to do. You know, without doubt, that you can achieve any goal and, in fact, anything in your life with the guidance from your intuition. You will then have ferocious and courageous determination and commitment to achieve your dreams and goals.

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