In this post, I thought it would be helpful to provide an idea of how I got started on this path to begin with and give some context on the timeline, since I really am just starting out on this path. I don’t want you to think that I’m so far ahead of you that you can’t relate – I’m about 2 steps ahead at this point!

I’m pretty sure I was born with a fear of missing out (FOMO). I recall my entire childhood hating to go to bed because I worried that my brothers, who were all older than me, got to do fun things when I was not there. I was always the first person to get up in the morning, so I never missed out on what was planned for any part of the day. Fast forward to my adult life and career where that FOMO never dissipated, and I channeled it into a drive for personal development. I took every course or class that was offered through my workplace, I went back to university to complete a Masters degree, I volunteered and yet I still felt like I was missing out on something. Even when we’d gone into business for ourselves the FOMO persisted.

My husband, Jeff, could never understand my constant drive to seek personal and spiritual development or to look to someone else I considered to be an “expert”.  He felt I should be happy and satisfied with a loving family, a business with immense potential for success and a strong, healthy, body and mind. He questioned why I couldn’t just look at the bright side?

After feeling enormous frustration at not being able to alleviate my constant FOMO, and really early into the pandemic, I fell into a state of deep anxiety and I knew it was time to look beyond personal development in my career. I began researching how to feel more joyful. I realized I had a book on my shelf already that could help me “Train Your Brain” by Dana Wilde. I read and learned all I could about mindset and replacing negative thoughts with more positive thoughts. And then how to repeat those positive thoughts until they became a habit and as I did so, more happiness filled me and as more happiness filled me, the better I felt.

By a stroke of “good fortune”, I noticed a free, 5-day Practical Magic workshop advertised on social media and signed up. It was life changing, and literally blew my mind wide open to a world that I didn’t have any connection with previously. I began to eliminate all the things I was doing that did not bring me joy, including a meditation practice I had for 10 years and all the investment I had made in that practice over that timeframe. I boxed up all my meditation props, books and binders and put them in my closet. I eagerly began to invest in my own magic; my intuition and the guidance and support it offered and provided.

This is the foundation of how I developed my three-step process to help you, my lovely reader, learn how to open to your intuition. First, you must feel better by thinking better thoughts. Second, your intuition will begin to guide you and you will see amazing things you never would have noticed before – do you think I would have seen that Practical Magic summit on FB if I wasn’t already working on my mindset? No way! It would not have even entered my consciousness. Third, start to use your intuition intentionally to create a life you love. If I can do it, you can do it, I promise!

Have you had a chance to join my Facebook group “I Can See Clairly Now” ? I’d love to see you there! Also, I’d love to hear about your experience with mindset training!

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