Happy New Year! Although time is a construct and there really is no new and past year, to conform with convention, I’ll carry on with the New Year theme.

2022 was a year of growth and expansion into my spiritual self, while 2021 was all about discovering my gifts and learning in a whirlwind. And, just as some background, and to show you this is a very recent mega “lifestyle” shift, it was only December 2020 that I had a “spiritual awakening“ and realized I am a psychic medium.

And now, my biggest dream is to travel the world helping women open to their higher selves and spiritual gifts. I hope to do this by teaching classes and mentorships and offering retreats for those who are called to channel and meet their spirit guides.

With the growth and expansion of my spiritual gifts, I have had to completely re-evaluate my current life and establish what would fit the life I desire and what would have to be dissolved. I learned that every aspect of my life is a story I’ve told myself over the course of my life and I can now begin to tell a new story, every moment.

It’s important for me to continuously work on the core principles that have allowed me to discover my spiritual gifts, so I don’t lose them.  These core principles were discovered at a time when I was struggling very deeply with anxiety and depression and I still want to proactively practice these principles each day.

These principles or formula, if you prefer: decide if you want to continue telling the current story the way you are telling it, feel better, take inspired action, (repeat). What I noticed in early 2020, was that I was telling a story about feeling bad, low, depressed and anxious and I decided/chose to tell a different story. I followed the practices from Dana Wilde and slowly, gently began to replace my negative thoughts with more positive thoughts.

After doing this consistently, I started to feel better and when I began to feel better, new ideas, insights, people and circumstances began to arrive in my life, like magic. I took action pursuing all the things that seemed fun and the better I felt, the more good things arrived in my life.

This was why I participated in the Practical Magic facebook summit in December 2020, the 12/20 gateway as it was called. I participated because I thought it would be fun. I had no idea this was the most important decision of my life!

That summit blew my mind, literally, in every possible way, and activated my spiritual gifts. I don’t even know which teacher activated me or if it was a cumulative impact of the whole summit but that inspired action, to do something fun, was the key to my spontaneous spiritual awakening.

I am so grateful for the work Dana Wilde is doing every single day to help people create a new mindset and lift themselves out of their stories. I am so grateful to the co-founders of that Practical Magic summit and all the teachers that participated. Without taking the steps to tell a new story, feel better and take inspired action (follow the sparkly breadcrumbs), I would not be living the life I am now living.

There were two teachers in the summit who inspired me the most, Margarita Alcantara, who is a starseed, and who activated within me that I may also be a starseed, and Waxela Sananda who spoke about “dating” a walk-in spirit. These concepts of being a starseed and being a walk-in were so fantastic to me at the moment of my spiritual awakening, because I believe they are the greatest opportunities for my continued growth and expansion.

The wonderful thing about a positive mindset is that growth and expansion are just so fun to consider and create. I am truly so excited about what 2023 will bring. It will bring so much dissolution and I know that what comes out of that will be amazing. What are you willing to give up in your current life to create the life you truly desire? There is no time like the present to get started!

If you would like to learn more about channeling and how you can learn to channel and work with me in 2023, I would love to connect with you!

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