In today’s post, I wanted to talk about how you can get started with mindset training. This is an amazing, empowering and inspiring practice and you will be amazed at how quickly you can progress with developing a positive mindset once you understand the process.

It may seem impossible to you to think that you could remain in a happy, joyful state each moment of your day and this is true since we all live a life with human experiences and challenges. So you must train yourself to recognize what thoughts are repeating in your mind that are really not serving your best and highest good. This can be achieved initially by replacing repetitive thoughts with more positive thoughts.

From this moment on, make the decision to feel the way you want to feel, to act like the person you want to be and to think the thoughts you want to think. This is something you can do. It is not easy to  think the thoughts you want to think! It will take practice and you will forget to practice and that’s fine as along as you start practicing again as soon as you notice you have fallen into automatic thinking instead of thinking how you want to think. This may seem like a strange concept if you haven’t spent time directing your thoughts before now. In fact, you may never have even tried to replace an existing thought with any other thought, let alone replace a negative thought with a positive thought, however this is what you must do from this moment forward. This is the key to happiness, the key to a high vibration and frequency and the key to being receptive to the intuitive guidance flowing to you.

Let’s look at this right now. What thoughts are moving through your mind? Are they judgmental, critical, already resisting the idea of choosing the way you want to think? Are they pleasant, happy thoughts? Are they repetitive thoughts that come and go in a cycle throughout most of your day? Do you have the same thoughts at certain times of day based on the habits you’ve built or your schedule? Just as an example, I love the summer and the warm weather we get in the summer. I noticed that my thoughts turned automatically negative when the colder weather started in the fall. I would take Archie for a walk and think “oh, it’s so cold already, I don’t like it!” This is a habitual thought. It came to my mind because I think the same thing every fall when the weather gets cold.  Now that I’ve noticed this habitual thought, I can catch it when it arises and replace it with a positive thought. Over time, the negative thought will appear less and less.

Try noticing the repetitive thoughts in your mind for 2-3 days, really consciously pay attention so you notice if there are patterns or if thoughts are triggered by people, situations or particular ideas. Do many of your thoughts include “I can’t” “I don’t” or “I hate”? If you can, write out these repetitive thoughts so you get a clear sense of what is going through your mind each day.

Next, to begin choosing new thoughts, it’s helpful to build a list of positive statements to use to replace the habitual negative thoughts. As soon as you notice the negative thought, think the positive thought. If you have to do this repeatedly throughout your day, that’s fine. Just writing out a list of positive statements each day that you will use to replace the repetitive thoughts will help you notice when a negative thought arises. To start, have general, soothing, positive statements that replace a broad number of negative thoughts such as:

I know I can figure this out

Everything is working out for me

Everything is unfolding perfectly for me

Everything is going well for me

Everything is flowing in perfect timing for me now

I am always in the right place at the right time

I know what I want and everything is popping up for me now

This is my lucky day!

I can do, be or have anything I want in this life

Something wonderful is going to happen to me today

Throughout your day, feel deep gratitude and appreciation every time you notice something working for you. Thank your guides, angels and source for their support and continue to feel positive expectation and excitement for all that is unfolding for you now.

Once you start to feel happier, you will notice your intuition bringing you all sorts of supportive things, people, books and courses that support your spiritual journey. Be open to receiving them and be grateful as soon as you notice and say “how wonderful this showed up for me!”. Every time you make a positive choice towards your goals, give yourself a mental hug or high five and smile to yourself.

Mindset training is a lifelong process. This is why it’s important to choose, to decide, immediately, that you are going to train your brain to be a conscious thinker and that you decide what thoughts pass through your mind.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this introduction to mindset training. Have you read Dana Wilde’s book “Train Your Brain” or another helpful book on the subject?

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