Re-program your thoughts and mind to get the results you want.

The Freedom Formula is where you will really start to see how your thoughts and emotions affect your day-to-day life and influence the results you get.

If you have been struggling with negative thoughts and beliefs and desire love, health and wealth in your life, the Freedom Formula can help! Discover your true potential and the most effective tools you have in your own mind to help you get on the right track. You will learn the exact steps to create the freedom you desire in your life. From creating a freedom mindset to step-by-step training, everything you need to transform your life is right here!

The Freedom Formula can also be used as a corporate training program to develop and enhance mental wellbeing, teamwork and cooperation. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a workshop or seminar for your business.


Over 3 months, you will be guided through the Freedom Formula where you will notice what non-productive thoughts or beliefs are limiting your happiness, replace the negative thoughts with a series of more positive thoughts, feel better and take inspired action on the new ideas, insights and circumstances that flow from feeling better.

Create a 90 Day Success Plan: develop your 90 day plan with Vicky that will catapult your positive mindset and success.

2 live calls per month: Ask questions, receive answers and eliminate any confusion or overwhelm. The team is here for you.

1 60 minute Laser coaching per month: Share your wins, breakthroughs and more and receive direct feedback and mentorship from Vicky.

A printable workbook to guide you and help you to get your ideas out of your mind and onto paper, where you can take action on them. The workbook encourages you to fully participate in the Freedom Formula steps for the greatest, ongoing success.

Access to Vicky’s team to answer any questions.

Working with Vicky on the Freedom Formula mentorship will give you the shorter, easier road to creating a life you love.

Total Investment: $2997.00

Vicky has been where you are now and can guide you to feeling happier and more motivated in such a short time. There is no need to struggle any more.