Are you in the career of your dreams? Do you wake each day with a spring in your step, anxious to start to work towards your goals?

If the answer is no, you may want to examine if you want to continue in a career that doesn’t fulfill your purpose in this life. You must decide that you want to live your life to the fullest in every aspect of your life.

What excites you?

Start with dreaming about what do you want to do? Not what do you want for other people in your life – what do you really, really want to do? This may sound simple, however, it is something we rarely ask ourselves or even dream about.

A career that excites you, empowers and inspires you should include the things you are good at and enjoy doing, your natural talents and experiences that contribute to your understanding of these areas. For example, if you love to cook, you know if you prefer baking desserts and pastries vs stews and casseroles because you have tried both styles of cooking and know which makes you happier.

Another example could be if you enjoy yoga, you know if you prefer hot yoga or restorative yoga, and, if you wanted to make a career of being a yoga teacher, you would use this experience and understanding to move forward.

3 step formula for success

Choosing a career that fills you with purpose can be done through the same process as to achieve your personal goals. Any goal you have in your life can be achieved with my 3-step formula:

Positive mindset – replace negative, repetitive thoughts with positive thoughts

Intuition – learn how your intuition guides you

Visualize the life you love – say no to anything that does not lead to your goal

Making the decision to choose a career that you love should be enlivening and invigorating, however, develop your ideas around how to move forward and take action based on the intuition you receive before you begin telling others in your life about the desired change. They are part of the existing program and are likely to give you negative feedback that encourages you to stay the same and, in their opinion, safe.

Each time you go through the process of reviewing if what you are doing with your day is moving you toward your goal or distracting you from it, if it’s once per day or once a week, you will receive new information to help you move forward with confidence.

Think about what would make you so happy and excited that you would be willing to work on it every day of your life for free and trade your existing life for it.

Positive Affirmations or statements

Determine which key areas of a career are most important to you to focus on right now. Write a list of everything you want in the present tense, using emotion and description, as if you have already achieved it.

Use positive statements in the present tense that support your goal, for example: Qualified leads are falling from the sky because I am open for business, Making money is so easy, I can do this, Everything is working out for me.

When you first choose a goal or dream, ensure that it is something you would be thrilled to achieve no matter what was happening in your life, no matter if the people in your life want that goal and especially if the people in your life were to criticize you or try to discourage you from your goal. This may seem strange to consider, but your goal will not be someone else’s goal so you must be prepared to experience resistance from those around you.

Recognize your intuitive downloads

Are you receiving good ideas as pictures in your mind? Have people arrived in your life with information, skills or connections that will allow you to take an important step? Have good ideas just “appeared” in your mind, out of the blue? This is your intuition guiding you!

Take action on whatever intuition guides you to do.  If what you want to do feels good, brings you joy, happiness and excitement, this is the right approach!

The direction from your intuition may not make sense, just take the steps that seem to be leading you toward your goal, based on the intuition you receive. You will have to make investments to start a new career, don’t expect that you are going to know exactly how to do everything required!

Visualize your goal achieved

Begin to visualize your goal as though it is achieved, at least twice daily, in the morning when you wake up and the evening before bed. Make the visualization specific that you can vividly see in infinite detail what your life would be like when you achieved your goal.

You must feel how great, happy and joyful you would feel when you achieve your goal so you can intuitively and confidently make powerful decisions. What are you doing with your time? Who are you spending your days with? Are you working in an office?

Once you begin to see the people and circumstances that move into place for you and help to create your dream or goal, you will know the process works. You will see, with each positive affirmation, intuitive download and visualization practice, that you can manifest what intuition guides you to do.

You know, without doubt, that you can achieve any goal and, in fact, anything in your life with the guidance from your intuition. You will then have ferocious and courageous determination and commitment to achieve your dreams and goals. You must use this to persist and persevere through the resistance you may experience from others in your life!

You will also begin to see how you are growing into the person who has the career of your dreams. Your mind is expanding, you are becoming a better version of yourself with each day. You are becoming someone who is consciously creating the life of your dreams, with the knowledge and understanding that the goal will be for the greatest good of everyone in your life.

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