Re-program your thoughts and mind to get the results you want.

The Destiny Coaching package is a powerful success program designed and developed by Peggy McColl, a celebrated author and entrepreneur and among the premiere students of Bob Proctor. The strategies for success designed by McColl and based on Bob Proctor’s 60-year career in personal and professional development are proven and have worked for millions of clients around the world.

The desire for change in your life usually comes from pain points, most often in the areas of wealth/career, health and relationships. There is a desire for change because you are not happy with some aspect of your life. You want to feel better! Desire motivates you to look around and see how you can get what you want from the outside world.

The Destiny Coach package takes participants from desire and dreams through a step-by-step process for achieving their most audacious goals and dreams. Upon completion of the 10-step program, participants will have the ability to achieve any goal they set their mind to, for life! These goals may be personal or professional or, even better, both, as the most productive and happiest employees are those who are excited and fulfilled by their work.

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The Destiny Coach program includes the following information/modules:

  1. Purpose is Powerful: Knowing who you are, what you’re meant to do with your life and how to develop confidence in your purpose is the first step to moving toward your greatest goals.
  2. Beliefs: Starting with a contemplation of what would you love for your life, understand how desire can be a powerful motivator both for and against your success and in achieving what you truly want. This module will help you understand the beliefs that are necessary to build that support system for you and what you desire to experience in your life.
  3. Desires and Goals: You can be, do and have anything you want in this life. Decision is the most important thing when it comes to achieving anything you want in life. Decide and make it happen!
  4. The Power of Emotions: Feeling as though you are already living from the “wish fulfilled” is the heart and soul of the Destiny Coach program. This step is so powerful, participants can use this to manifest all their dreams and goals in life!
  5. The Power of your Mind: The mind and thoughts are unknown for most people who believe they have no control over their thoughts, feelings and habits. Understanding the way to think what you want to think, feel like you want to feel and believe what you want to believe is enlightening!
  6. Switching Techniques: Participants will learn how to switch thoughts from non-productive to empowering. This technique is so beneficial to all aspects of life!
  7. Being in Harmony: Understand that your goals are on a frequency or vibration and that you must get on the same frequency to achieve them. This process will leave participants with no doubts on how to be on the same frequency as their goals.
  8. Persistence and Discipline: Although some might feel that persistence and discipline are negative ideas, understanding and applying them in relation to achieving your goal is revolutionary!
  9. Overcoming Adversity and Allowing: Everyone has limiting beliefs and non-productive thoughts, feelings and habits. Participants will learn to see the good and valuable learning opportunities in obstacles and appreciate their value in achieving their goals. Also paramount to overcoming adversity is attitude.
  10. Action and Mastery: Taking the right inspired action is everything! Far from working harder and wasting precious time on non-productive actions, participants will understand the most valuable tools for taking action on their goals and mastering their limiting beliefs.

In summary, the Destiny Coach program will help participants set goals and transfer them into a clear plan, understand the power of thoughts, habits and beliefs on their results; understand setbacks and gain control of their life and results, and; experience greater and greater happiness, abundance and fulfillment simply by knowing how to approach life and goals in this way.

Program Delivery: The Destiny coaching program can be delivered live in-person or online, in a single workshop or weekly.  Please contact me to discuss what might be the best delivery model for you. The modules build upon each other and are powerful and transformative regardless of how they are delivered. And your success is completely up to you!

Total Investment: $2997.00

Vicky has been where you are now and can guide you with a proven approach to achieve any goal you desire in a short time. There is no need to struggle any more.