I now have classes available to teach you how to channel. As I’ve progressed along my spiritual journey, from spontaneously awakening to now understanding that I am a channel to many realms, including the angelic and elemental realms, people have asked questions about how I learned everything I channel.

I have taken many classes from Hillary Michaelson, founder of LA Spiritual Arts, including her certification classes for Life Purpose Medium and Mediumship Teacher and would highly recommend all of her classes. I have also taken many classes from other teachers, including Laurie Reyon and Alicia Power . The truth is, however, that I was a channel already and I just needed to accept, embody, understand and learn how to use my gifts.

I guarantee you are also a channel and if you haven’t discovered your gifts yet, I would love to support you through my classes.

January 2023 Start Date!

Do you have spirit visitors? Have you lost a loved one and yet know they are still close by?

Would you like to help others who have lost a loved one to know their loved one is ok?

Learn to Channel: Mediumship Class (6 week group class, virtual)

This class will help you establish the foundation on your path to Mediumship development and allow you to connect with passed loved ones immediately.

You’ll learn:

This class will help you develop and enhance your mediumship abilities and professionalize your reading skills in preparation for reading clients and give you lots of practice opportunities to ensure your success as a medium.

This class is six weeks and includes:

2 x 3 hr learn mediumship classes

4 x 60 min practice sessions to develop confidence and trust your gifts and experience and ask questions about your experience

Worksheets, meditations

Upon completion of this class, you will have confidence, experience and skills to conduct your own professional mediumship reading with your own friends, family and paying clients!

I look forward to helping you along your spiritual journey. Your light, love and transformation are so very needed today! As you raise your vibration of love and light, you uplift everyone around you!

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