In today’s post, I thought I would expand on the understanding of clairvoyance, or any of the clairs interchangeably, as voluntary vs. involuntary.

The direct translation of the word clairvoyance is ‘clear sight’. It is defined as the ability to perceive or even see with the mind’s eye something that is going on without any previous knowledge of the event. Clairvoyance is also what you call someone who claims to be psychic.

Everyone has clairs

I believe that the clairs, including clairvoyance or psychic ability, reside within every human being. It’s my opinion that most people do not tap into their clairvoyance because they are either unaware, due to a low vibration or unwilling to unveil it. It takes perseverance to develop one’s own personal psychic abilities.

In other words, everyone has the clairs innately but it has to be awakened. To access it just takes some introspection, as described in my other blog posts about raising your vibration.

But the clairs may be discouraged early in our life

This may be because a child is born into a family where the clairs are not cultivated and the child may be told they are considered to have an overactive imagination when they talk about their insights or downloads. Eventually, if the child is discouraged from using their clairs to fit in with their family and peers.

Regardless of whether the clairs are developed on purpose or if they remain latent, the clairs are always informing our intuition. In effect, there are two aspects of clairvoyant abilities: voluntary and involuntary.

How to establish voluntary vs involuntary

Voluntary clairvoyance is when you develop your clairs in order to provide, for example, psychic readings for yourself or others and call upon your own clairvoyance directly to inform your reading. Involuntary clairvoyance is when you receive information without calling on it. This can be called insight or a download.

Voluntary clairvoyance is developed through practice to reach deep within one’s own intuition and see invisible things. Involuntary clairvoyance is when the psychic person has no control over when and where it happens, intuition is informing the person with details that person could not otherwise know.

Developing your clairs takes commitment

Many people trying to develop their clairvoyant abilities tend to assume that once they have had a breakthrough, they will now know everything that is going to happen for the rest of their lives. This is not the truth! It takes determined cultivation of the clairs overall, including psychic abilities, to have a healthy connection to the unseen world.

So, the next time you meet someone who considers themselves psychic, don’t be concerned that they are seeing ghosts or spirits or guides or receiving information about you without your knowledge. In my case, I keep a tight energetic space so my energy is contained and I rarely received information about others unless I seek it out.

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