What do you love most about travel?

What do you love most about travel? For me, it’s always been the feeling of freedom. Travel has mostly been related to vacation in my life so far and on vacation, you are free from many of the day to day responsibilities around family and work. It is freedom that inspires me and motivates me […]

Whale and Dolphin Healing

Recently I joined a Whale and Dolphin healing course and it made me think of all the travel I’ve enjoyed in my life and how I’d really like to do more travelling now! The teacher holding the course holds retreats in Bimini Bahamas and Moorea, Tahiti. I plan to attend! I don’t know about you, […]

Thoughts, Habits, Beliefs

Have you ever stopped and wondered where your thoughts, beliefs and habits come from? From the time we are babies and children, we adopt the thoughts, habits and beliefs of those around us. We are taught to seek approval by emulating those in our lives. We seek attention and love from our parents, good grades […]

Five Steps to Freedom

Before I experienced my spiritual awakening in December 2020, I had begun working to improve my mindset. I had been in a spiral of depression and anxiety for much of 2019 and it didn’t alleviate which is how I came to read Dana Wilde’s book, Train Your Brain, in an effort to find relief from […]

Spiritual language can be confusing

If you are new on your journey of spiritual awakening, you may have noticed that spiritual language can be confusing. Actually, what I see as I also go along my spiritual journey, is that the language unfolds as my understanding and experience unfolds. It’s like when you are first starting your business journey and you […]

You Are the Sparkly Breadcrumb

The first time I ever heard the term sparkly breadcrumb was during the Practical Magic Facebook summit I participated in during December 2020. That workshop was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. Up until that workshop, I had been working on my mindset, trying to improve it in an effort to feel better since I […]

I chose my dreams

I chose my dreams in July 2022. I had just completed a half Ironman triathlon in preparation for the Ironman World Championship triathlon in October and, although I finished the race, it had not gone well. I easily completed the 2 km swim and was among the first women in my age group out on […]

Speak, Travel, Have Fun

In 2017, I attended a conference for my healthcare business and the keynote speaker was Jack Daly, talking about sales. He was really trying to simplify the processes around sales so it would be easier to accomplish more selling in business. While talking about simplifying his own business, Jack said something that would create a […]

Choosing a marketing method to build your spiritual business

When you are building a business, online or in person, choosing a marketing method that you are comfortable with is imperative. This method will be your foundation for finding clients over time. For me, having a twenty-year career in community engagement in the government sector prior to owning my own business, I am totally comfortable […]

Raising your vibration

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs or watched any of my podcast episodes where I am a guest, you will know I talk about raising your vibration as the key to feeling better and receiving insights, ideas and circumstances that lead you forward in your life. So, what exactly do I mean when […]