In todays blog I’m going to outline how to create a frequency of gratitude in your life to improve your positive mindset, build feelings of happiness and allow your intuition to flow freely. Intuition is always guiding your decisions and preferences, even if you don’t know it, however, to rely on it and to understand how it is guiding you in your life, you must raise your vibration.

To be open to receiving intuitive guidance regularly and with confidence, the most important thing to work on first is your mind. It is necessary to be in a happy, joyful and childlike state of mind to consistently receive intuitive guidance. As I learned for myself, this is best achieved through gratitude. Gratitude is not a checklist you create in your mind and check off as you think of each thing you are grateful for. Gratitude is a frequency, a vibration and it must be developed, nurtured and built with emotional investment continuously each day from the moment you wake to the moment you sleep.

You build your frequency of gratitude so you are open to receiving the flow of abundance that will start coming to you. I want you to know that you can achieve ANYTHING, you only need to dream it and want to make it happen to achieve it. Your intuition will support you!

It’s helpful to build a list of positive statements to use to replace your habitual negative thoughts. As soon as you notice the negative thought, think the positive thought. If you have to do this repeatedly, that’s fine. Try writing out a list of positive statements that you like for a few days and this will help you easily find a positive thought to replace a negative thought when one arises. You can have general positive statements that replace a broad number of negative thoughts such as:

I know I can figure this out

Everything always works out for me

Everything is unfolding perfectly for me

Everything is going great

Everything is flowing in perfect timing for me now

I am always in the right place at the right time

This is my lucky day!

I can do, be or have anything I want in this life

Something wonderful is going to happen to me today

Look for all the great things that are happening to and for you now. Throughout your day, feel deep gratitude and appreciation every time you notice something working for you. Thank your guides, angels and source and continue to feel positive expectation and excitement for all that is unfolding for you now.


Now that you have begun to develop your frequency of gratitude, you will start to feel the benefits of a higher vibration and positive thoughts.  You may start to notice you feel more happiness and joy than you’ve noticed before. The important thing is to continue to build your frequency of gratitude every day as this will increase your confidence in your intuitive gifts, allow you to be more open to receiving intuitive guidance and make the connection between that feeling of childlike joy and the intuitive guidance you are receiving.

Try writing out at least ten things you are grateful for each morning for five days. You can start with “I am so happy and grateful for…” (Examples: Family, pets, friends, house, neighbourhood, career, health, opportunities, comforts, luxuries) Then, after writing them out for a few days, and hopefully finding more things to add to your list, start to say your list in your mind when you first wake up in the morning and before you get out of bed. Repeat the list silently in your mind, feeling gratitude and appreciation using emotions to develop the good feeling around the exercise. You may forget a couple days before it becomes a habit, but just start repeating as soon as you notice you forgot. This is about creating new, beneficial habits to help starve the repetitive thoughts and habits that no longer serve your highest good. Just like if you didn’t water a plant, it would wither away, if you don’t water your repetitive thoughts, they will wither away and you will have only the positive thoughts you want to think filling your amazing mind!

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