Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year! Although time is a construct and there really is no new and past year, to conform with convention, I’ll carry on with the New Year theme. 2022 was a year of growth and expansion into my spiritual self, while 2021 was all about discovering my gifts and learning in a whirlwind. And, […]

My Experience with Channeling

By now you’ve heard me talk about channeling a lot and I thought I would give my experience with channeling to help you see what I’m talking about from my perspective. With reiki, it is understood that we are all channels of universal energy and that it can be activated by a teacher so you […]

Making connections

If you are like me, trying to build an online spiritual business, or any online business, you know the importance of connections. Connection with others delivers so much value, learning, collaborating and growing among them. I talked about connecting with other people’s audiences through speaking on podcasts in a previous blog post and I continue […]

Classes now available!

I now have classes available to teach you how to channel. As I’ve progressed along my spiritual journey, from spontaneously awakening to now understanding that I am a channel to many realms, including the angelic and elemental realms, people have asked questions about how I learned everything I channel. I have taken many classes from […]

Life is not what it seems

Have you ever experienced a moment in time when it became clear to you that your life was not what it seemed? I have had a variety of these experiences in recent years and I’m sure you have too, you may just not realize it. I didn’t realize it either, at the time. These experiences […]

A False Sense of Entrapment

I recently participated as an entertainer in a dinner and dancing event on a train where I offered oracle card readings to guests while they enjoyed their dinner and train ride. There were two full train cars and I walked down each of them, stopping at each table and providing a three-card spread to those […]

Magical Connections

I recently moved to a new town and to get to know some of the local spiritual community, I decided to drop by and introduce myself and make some new, magical connections for my mediumship business. This is a skill I learned through starting my healthcare business, so I am comfortable dropping in to meet […]

Podcasts as a means to build influence

I started listening to podcasts around 2010, on my 45 minute train commute to and from work. At that time, I was listening mostly to Buddhist teachings as that was where I was in my spiritual path. Since my “spiritual awakening” in 2020, I have expanded my podcast listening exponentially, including many podcasts related to […]

A Funny Mindset Story

I want to tell you a funny mindset training story. I love the question “when your dream is achieved, how will you feel?” Recently, I have been trying to sense what financial freedom would feel like when achieved. I came up with the feelings of freedom and fun, because, in my opinion, you can have […]

Positive Mindset: The Whole Process

Today, I wanted to share how I discovered the whole process to develop a positive mindset. What happened for me, was I was feeling anxious and depressed early on in the pandemic. I’m an extrovert, I enjoy being with people and being out in the community so being in lockdown during the pandemic, I found […]