Vicky McGrath

Hi, I'm Vicky McGrath.

I am a channel/psychic, telepath, a Certified Life Purpose Medium, Certified Mediumship Teacher and the founder of Vicky McGrath Spiritual Arts.  I empower my clients to awaken their own spiritual gifts and abilities through teaching, speaking and readings. 

I provide mediumship readings, classes and mentorship for people all over the world. 

I have appeared on podcasts, YouTube and have spoken at conferences across North America. I hope to continue to travel the world to help people meet their spirit guide,  realize their Life Purpose and connect with their loved ones in the spirit world.

I would love to provide you with a personalized reading or see you in a class! Please sign up for my email list to learn more and join a class!

I look forward to meeting you!

Ready to Test Your Your Intuition?

Trusting your intuition can be the key to receiving guidance from your spirit guides! Your intuition has been guiding you your whole life, even if you don't yet know it. To explore how your intuition may be guiding you, right now, try my creative visualization called The 5-Minute Bubble Visualization Experience.

I'd love to send it to you so you can start to discover for yourself how trusting your intuition can lead to greater happiness today. Just let me know where to send it along with periodic emails for future classes, further encouragement and insights: