Vicky McGrath

Hi, I'm Vicky McGrath

Let me give some background about me. Since January 2016, I have run a service-based business together with my husband. The business has done very well and generated millions of dollars in revenue but by 2019, I was completely burned out because we had not built a team and I was essentially doing everything in the business myself.

Can you relate? Rookie mistake!

The burnout would not go away and I was unable to motivate myself to grow the business. My burnout turned to depression and my mental wellbeing was very low.

I began to research how to turn my mindset around and feel more positive again and discovered Bob Proctor, who was in the personal development space (if you've seen or heard of the movie the Secret, Bob is featured) and through his material, I became motivated and excited to set goals again.

Except that I didn't want to continue running the service-based business. Since learning about Bob Proctor and researching his material and feeling so much happier, more motivated and excited for life, I decided I wanted to help other people to have the tools and power to write the next chapter in their life.

By taking my coaching, in group or 1:1 format, I will provide you with all the support, love and guidance you need to write the story of a life you love!

I would love to connect with you! If you can tell me what you would love, I can help you achieve it using proven strategies that have helped thousands of people worldwide.

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