In today’s post, I thought I’d talk about why I’m writing my blog now at this time and who I hope to connect with.

My blog is to help mid-career women create a life they love using their intuition. I use three steps as an overarching approach and break down the steps with different methods, such as visualization, meditation and journaling and with deeper frameworks to allow you, my reader, the opportunity to continue to grow and deepen your spiritual development.

Intuition guides us deeper and deeper into our spiritual development because there is always something new and profound to discover within ourselves as we peel away the layers of programming, habits, beliefs and ideas that no longer contribute in a positive way to our lives. I will be living the journey with you and will contribute what I’m learning to the blog so you can determine if the knowledge and information is helpful to you.

You will notice that even though I break the process down into easy-to-follow steps, the process actually never ends and new ideas, people, circumstances and opportunities will continually arise out of each step, bringing more joy, fun and magic into your lives. It will be up to you to decide which of the approaches contribute most to your development.

To start, however, I will outline the three overarching steps as

1. mindset training;

2. opening to your intuition, and;

3. use your intuition to guide you to create a life you love.

Each step builds on the other, you can’t really skip a step and catapult into the next step unless you’re already at the point where the next step begins. For example, the purpose of mindset training is to consciously create a happier feeling and raise our vibration. Raising our vibration is crucial to allowing intuition to flow easily and consistently.

Intuition flows on a frequency of love, fun, happiness, and gratitude. So, unless you are already operating from that frequency or vibration, intuition may be available to you but in a random or ad hoc way rather than something you can continually rely on and develop further.

Mindset training is, essentially, choosing to replace old repetitive thoughts, ideas, beliefs and programs that we learned from our families, friends, careers and society with new, updated, helpful thoughts that we choose to think and that contribute to our success, joy and well-being. Once we’ve learned how to replace old thoughts with new, helpful thoughts, we will start to feel better, happier and more hopeful. This will allow our intuition to come through as our vibration raises.

I hope the approach I’ve outlined resonates for you. My blog will be an ongoing conversation about using this 3 step process to create a life you love. You may think this may get repetitive but I can assure you, if you follow this process and do the steps, your life will be transformed! Join me inside the Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs Club to engage in a community of like-minded brain trainers!

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