Hi! I’m Vicky McGrath. In this post, I thought I’d give you some background about me so you know who you’re reading about in my blog.  

I am passionate about helping mid-career women create a life they love using their intuition. I offer a step-by-step approach for motivated, mid-career women newly embarking on your spiritual journey to learn about intuition, raise your vibration, discover your own intuitive gifts and learn how to use your intuition to create a life you love.

My Skillset

I am a Certified Life Purpose Medium, psychic and 25-year Reiki practitioner. I offer mentorships for my clients and speaking engagements through keynote, workshops or mastermind formats to allow my audience to understand their intuitive gifts and how to use them for success in every facet of life. 

My specialty is goal setting and dream-building using your intuition and my passion is helping women early in their spiritual awakening to unleash their full potential and achieve the highest vision for their life. In fact, I am currently writing a book and online course to reach more women, worldwide.

I am also an avid blogger, helping my audience learn about intuition, understand their intuitive gifts and how to use them. I also love travel blogging, specializing in luxury beachfront destinations for spiritual seekers and retreatants. I’ll add travel blogging in once we get a bit further out of the Covid lockdown, hopefully sooner rather than later!

Are you interested in starting a blog? Blogs are a great way to develop content for your business! I got started by trying out a free blogging class.

A typical life to date

Aside from my spiritual business, I am married to my husband, Jeff, who I also own a traditional business with, and mom to our teenaged daughter Sydney, and we have a whippet named Archie.

Even with a wonderful, supportive family, a career and community life, I always felt as though I was meant for something more! In 2017, I was at a sales conference and the speaker said he had narrowed his life focus down to three key things, speak, travel and have fun. Hearing him say that, I thought “that is what I want to do!”

Now, with the help of my intuition, I feel like I can create the life of my dreams. So, if you’re a late-bloomer like me and you’ve come to realize you are mid-way through your life and you have so much you still want to do, be and have, you are in the right place! We can make the journey together.

Hobbies and other stuff

One final thing that you may be interested to know is that I have been a runner since my late 20s and a triathlete since my 30s. With the knowledge that I have now about my intuition and the chakras’ relationship to intuition, I now see that running, cycling and swimming were ways to compensate for an unbalanced lower chakra system.

Something I’ve learned through my exploration and development of intuition is the surprising role of the chakras in all areas of our lives! Learning about the chakras and how they influence our lives may also be something that brings you an “aha” moment, even if you’re not a runner!

Welcome to my blogging life!

I look forward to our journey together and hope we will always be there for each other to love, support and encourage one another as we create a life we love, using our intuition. Have you had a chance to join my Facebook group “I Can See Clairly Now” ? I’d love to see you there!

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