I want to tell you a funny mindset training story.

I love the question “when your dream is achieved, how will you feel?” Recently, I have been trying to sense what financial freedom would feel like when achieved. I came up with the feelings of freedom and fun, because, in my opinion, you can have both when you are financially free. So I began reciting “I like freedom. I like fun.” throughout my days.

As you know with mindset training, evidence of your mantra being delivered isn’t always immediate and you can’t sit around waiting, you have to expect that your wish will arrive.

On July 8, 2022, Rogers, a significant internet and cellular services provider in Canada, experienced a major failure and there was no service for millions of people across Canada. We use Rogers for our internet, cellular and streaming services so we were unable to check email, use the cell phone or have any ability to check the business schedule or call each other, clients or friends.

It was literally a day off for millions of people because there are so many businesses dependent on internet and cellular service to do business. I saw, for the first time in as long as I can remember, people using a phone booth!

Here was the freedom I had been asking for! And, of course, it could be fun to have freedom from email, social media and the phone, like a throw back to when I was a child and none of these things existed.

Luckily, I had already made plans with my daughter, Syd, to rent her a stand up paddle board so I could test out open water swimming in my wetsuit prior to my half ironman triathlon on the weekend. We went to the marina, as planned, and luckily had cash because they didn’t have connectivity to their payment system with the Rogers outage!

As a result, I didn’t notice the interruption in my business or daily media consumption until after we got home from that outing.

Once we got back to the house and acknowledged that our normal lives of checking email continuously, checking social media repeatedly, checking to see if any new clients wanted to book services were completely disrupted did we start to lose our “fun and freedom” feeling.

Plus, Syd has tickets for the Weeknd concert that same night in Toronto and couldn’t reach the friends she was going with.

All I could do from then on was listen to the radio (which was still working!) to learn more about when the service would be restored! I could have gone for a bike ride, a drive, gone to the lake and had a picnic, there was absolutely nothing I could do about the situation and neither could millions of other people across the country.

It really made me seriously consider whether being more specific with one’s mantra and affirmations was the solution! But in fact, the solution is that when the universe delivers what we have been asking for, we had better be happy to accept it because it might not come around again in the right time or situation.

Were you affected by the Rogers outage on July 8/22? Did you take the day off or stress about not being able to check your email? Let me know in the comments!

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