I recently participated as an entertainer in a dinner and dancing event on a train where I offered oracle card readings to guests while they enjoyed their dinner and train ride. There were two full train cars and I walked down each of them, stopping at each table and providing a three-card spread to those who wanted a reading.

I noticed that many of the cards that were pulled were the same, even though the people were pulling the cards after I’d shuffled them. Since oracle cards are about the thoughts, emotions and concerns of the readee, it made me wonder if indeed the same concerns affect most people.

In particular, the card that I noted frequently was one that indicated a “false sense of entrapment”. The interpretation of this could be quite varied – some readees may have financial, health or relationship concerns or any combination and feel trapped. Yet the message from the card is clearly that we are not trapped.

As I considered this through my own life, I can see how I have felt “a false sense of entrapment” in many areas and I think of myself as someone who speaks up for myself. Since my spiritual awakening, I would have to say it has become clear that I can’t look at anyone outside of myself as the blame for a false sense of entrapment, that only I can allow this in my own mind by giving away my own power to someone else.

Is there someone you have given your power away to? Your spouse or family, colleagues or boss, finances or doctor? Have you given up on deciding for yourself in a situation in your life? Do you find yourself blaming others, complaining about a situation in your life you feel you can’t resolve or making excuses for why you can’t resolve a situation or take back your power?

I have done all of these and continue to do so but now I know to look out for the blaming, complaining and excuses and when I see them, I can think to myself “I no longer tolerate this way of thinking. This is the old program and I now take back my power”. I don’t think this in a degrading or denigrating way or in a way that evokes shame. It is simply an acknowledgement that I can change my own thinking and my own outcomes.

The program for giving away my power must have come from somewhere although I don’t know exactly whether it was my mom, being a stay at home mom and relying on my dad’s job to pay for five kids and a household, if it was my dad who really wanted more than anything to spend time with his family instead of working or if it was teachers or neighbours.

The key is to become aware that there is a pattern of blame, complaining or excuses around some aspect of your life and look at it. Why are you complaining, blaming or making excuses instead of taking action on making things better for yourself or others?

Once you become aware, you can take steps toward taking your power back. You can look to your guides to show you what is the most spacious path out of the situation and what allows you to feel better. Your guides are always trying to lift you up and show you how loved and powerful you are. They were really trying to help so many on that train for that event and I hope many of the readees felt the guidance that was truly behind the “false sense of entrapment”. I know I do.

If you have an event coming up and it would be fun to have someone offering readings, oracle or mediumship, please get in touch! I am available in person and virtually by phone and zoom. Zoom has been a wonderful tool for me to contribute to events, you just have a tablet or laptop set up and people can drop in for a reading!

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