Transform Your Life. 

Align fully with your life purpose.

Are you here to make a positive impact in the world and help others reach their full potential? 

Hi, I'm Vicky McGrath, founder of Vicky McGrath Spiritual Arts.

My mission as a Spiritual Business Mentor is to inspire and motivate you to bring your true purpose into your business and life and accelerate your global mission. I do this by empowering spiritually conscious women entrepreneurs and business owners with the confidence to go for freedom and create a life they love using the power of their minds and intuition!

Using my transformational Five steps to Freedom formula, together, we can develop a creative vision for your business, uncover or discover a next empowering step or help you step out in a new direction to create a magical life of freedom you absolutely love. 

If you found me and my website, you are ready, right now to take the next step in your life! It starts with changing your mind!

I want you to know, I use these five steps every day myself and I will help you fall in love with your purpose, your business and your life again.  Don't wait another day to start feeling better!

Let's connect and get started right away!

Feeling overwhelmed? Ready for a breakthrough?

Try using my creative 5 minute Bubble Visualization Practice. Creativity unlocks our brains and helps us feel good.

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